Go-To Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

With Mother’s Day in the UK fast approaching, it is the time that many of us will be thinking of what we will be doing on the day. Will it be a chance to treat your own mum or family members, or a day that you get to enjoy as a mother and be waited on hand and foot? So it has got me thinking about the best gifts to get for mums, or quite cheekily, what I’d like to receive because I am a mum, hehe.

I’ve teamed up with Cosmetify this Mother’s Day, to share some of my go-to picks for gifts to give to others or to receive on Mother’s Day. Cosmetify are all about helping mums to keep as glam as they want to be for Mother’s Day; they are a bit of a search engine for beauty lovers, providing everything you need from makeup to hair, grooming, skin care, electricals and toiletries. So there is bound to be something that your mum will love, or that you want to add to your own list!

So without further ado, here are some of my favourite choices – are there any that will work for you? It would be great to hear what you think.

Afternoon Tea for Two

I think a posh afternoon away, ironically, away from the kids, is such a lovely treat for a Mother’s Day gift. I don’t think it works for on the day itself, but a voucher to use for another time is always a good idea. Personally, my favourite choice would be Sketch in London; it just looks so funky.


I know not everyone is going to be like me, but perfume is something that is a real treat for me. It is something that I would buy for myself very rarely, so do rely on things like birthdays or Mother’s Day for a new perfume. I am pretty much a Chanel girl (they are all amazing), but I do also like the Daisy by Marc Jacobs range.


I think that makeup can be a little risky if you haven’t got a clue what someone uses. Foundation or a BB cream, for example, would be a super risky choice as the shades can really vary. But there are some makeup choices that are safer, like mascara (Dior Show, if you’re asking), and things like eyeshadow palettes. The latter offers lots of choices of colour, so there is bound to be something that they like. Plus, if you’re buying for your mum, you’re likely to have an idea about what they like.

Something for the Home

I don’t think I have met many mothers that aren’t house proud. As a rule, they love where they live and creating it as a place for family. So getting a gift for the home can always be a good idea. Of course, don’t go too far out there with your choice, but go along the lines of what they already have. There are lots of cute trinkets that work, as well as frames, prints, and accessories. Something like an Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen priced at £49.99 could be a great gift for the home too. But if you have a mother that is a keen cook, for instance, then something for the kitchen could work well.

Clothing Accessories

I think clothing by itself an be a bit risky for a gift, unless you know specifically an item that they are after, or know their shoe size or dress size. Which is why accessories can be a really good idea. It could be a scarf or a bag, or perhaps even socks from somewhere like Society Socks. They offer women’s gift sets in a variety of styles, but they have a social cause too. For each pair sold, a pair is donated to those in need. So could be a way to do some good but pleasing your mum as well.


I think that time is a really priceless thing. This past Christmas, one of my children’s uncles gave them a ‘day out’ as a present, and he and his girlfriend took them out in London for the day and they just had one of the best days ever. So if you can give your mum a day together or just your time to do something with her, then I think that can be a really lovely gift. It isn’t a cop out; it can be meaningful and much needed.

Have you got plans for Mother’s Day yet? Any ideas for gifts? It would be great to hear what you think and what your go-to gifts are.

*post in collaboration with Cosmetify.

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