Calming Your Daily Commute: Top Android Apps to Get Your to Work and Home

The daily commute can be an arduous affair if you’re not being constantly entertained or informed. Gazing out the window, or not having the necessary tools to keep you awake or knowledgeable can make commuting boring. There is a lot you can do through a couple of good Android Apps that will make your work that much more pleasing. During both the commute to work and back from it, you’ll want some of these apps.


Smooth Traveling 

It doesn’t matter if you’re walking, driving, or riding a train, bike, and bus; getting to work on time is your first order of business. One great app out there will assist you in getting public transport ticketing to work the best for your city traveling needs. Ridlr is one such application that will do just that for either your bus or train ride.

There are a whole hosts of benefits that come with this app. You’ll be able to get timetables for all kinds of commuting companies and services. With the app, you can plan through different modes of transportation and route displays on interactive maps. Along with that, your commute will come with traffic updates and various alerts that will shine directly with your smartphone.

Other great features include live updates of different road accidents or possible cancellations. There are also times you can see where you can park if you’re driving by yourself and need to get a spot somewhere in the city for some reason.

Staying Informed  

Getting to your destination is the whole part of the commute. While you may know what the traffic is looking like, the weather is a whole other part of importance for your ride. The live weather app is one of the best android apps out there for checking the weather and staying updated.

All of this comes equipped with a graphical layout that shows animations and other interactive elements to stay connected with the current weather information. At times you won’t even have to open the application as it offers a widget that you can check with just a glance on your home screen, keeping it clean and efficient.


Additional Transport Advice 

Finally, you can this to your repertoire of applications. Public transport is often unpredictable and Moovit becomes a must have app to have. This app combines all of your transportation options into one app. It also gives you complete control how to use it. There are notifications for guided real time steps that will help you focus on where you need to be.

Once you have these essential apps, you can worry less about getting to your destination and download more apps for fun and entertainment.  Take something like Spotify where you can either buy it or get it for free to listen to millions of songs. Listen to music in the comfort of your transit as you know you can check other apps with peace of mind, knowing you’ll reach your destination without an issue.


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