Animal Jam Toy Review

It is that time of year when we come to think of Christmas presents for our little ones. It can be hard to know what to get them, can’t it? I recently came across Animal Jam as we have been sent some toys to review. I have started to wonder where I have been? It is currently the top online social game for kids, with a number of toys and accessories to accompany it but I had never heard it of it before! Predominately it is for children aged around six or seven and over, which might be why. Any way, it was created in association with National Geographic, which is a fab connection I think.



In the new toy range, there are:

  • ‘Adopt a Pet’ Series 1 – £2.49
  • Friends with Pet - £4.99
  • Light Up Friends with Ring - £7.99
  • Plush characters – £7.99
  • Den assortment - £14.99


We were sent the first four on the list to try out. The adopt a pet series is the little but hut that comes with one of over 90 pets. I think that this is a fun idea, as it can become a collection for our kids. I know my kids love to collect things! For the price it is really reasonable to do that too. The pets all have different gems and ratings for things like rarity, so it looks fun for the kids. They all have little gems or accessories that they come with too. If you’ve got fans of the games, you know how it will all work. It is for children aged 5 or over. It has small parts as the whole thing is pretty small. Older children would be less likely to lose them due to their size I think.


The friends that come with a pet were really cute. This is the bunny one that came with a little bird friend. I liked that these toys can be customisable and you can swap the accessories between each of the pets. Again, there are several to collect which is a nice idea.



I won’t be too ashamed to admit that the magic horse with light up ring was my favourite toy. Again, the accessories can be changed up and swapped (so it doesn’t have to look like a unicorn the whole time). It is  good sized toy too, at 3 inches. Chloe and Max both loved checking out the ring and making it light up. The ring also shows up some magic patterns on the toy which is pretty cool. I think this is a great idea for boys and girls that love to dress up. They can wear the ring and look all fancy!


The plush toy is a classic. There are a few different options for animal. We obviously have the koala, but there is a panda, bunny and monkey to choose from too. Hopefully one of them would be the favourite of your little one. They are soft and a good size; not too big and not too small. Perfect for cuddles and crying around.

I think the price ranges are good and the quality of the toys is good too. The thing I would suggest is to just double check the recommended age on the toy. They all vary so you want to make sure that you are getting the right one for your child. They all come with small parts (other than the plush toy), so just something to bear in mind.



So if you have some young ones that are big fans of the online games, then the new range of toys might make some great gifts or stocking fillers this year. I think that they would be great for animal lovers in general. Chloe loves animals and loved that these were all animals, even if she is slightly under the recommended age. The Animal Jam toys would be great to collect too.

Do your little ones play with Animal Jam?


*the Animal Jam toy were gifted in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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