7 Apps That Make my Blogging Life Easier

There are some things in your life that you just don’t need. Like who ever invented spray cheese – what is that about? There are some things that you certainly do need in your life. As someone that is self-employed and works from home blogging and copywriting, anything that makes my life easier is a win for me.

I pretty much always have my phone with me too, so it makes it so useful for when I am out and about. Still being able to make a note of things or reply to emails is a life saver, as well as looking at things like SEO services too. Other than the usual email and social media apps, here are the other apps that I need to have on my phone – they make things so much easier.



I use this a lot! Being able to send invoices, receive payments and make bank transfers, all from my phone is a massive help. A lot of my payments for work are made through PayPal so it makes this much easier.

Google Docs

As part of my copywriting work, I need google docs to work from. I don’t do the main writing on the app, but if some work needs slightly editing, or a link changing, it is so handy to be able to change that from my phone.


Using a self-hosted WordPress blog means I use the WordPress format for all of my posts. If you are using WordPress but don’t have the app, get it now! It is so easy to view comments and respond from your phone. It is so easy to edit posts or hit publish if I change my mind about a publishing date. When I join in with linkys, it is easy to just add the badge or link back, by just opening up the app, rather than my laptop.


Instagram is my jam. So I love to edit my photos from blog posts. VSCO has a lot more options and filters than Instagram. So I edit on there and then upload. It is really easy to use and just makes my photos look better.


This is a bit of a game changer if you are a bit of a social media addict. It creates a news feed, just for you, for most of your social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr, and Reddit if you use those. Not having to jump from app to app? Winning!


I love having all of my favourite blogs all in one place. When I’m on a journey or on a train for example, I can scroll through and see who has updated. It is much less time consuming than going through each blog via the web browser.


This is the only one I have had to pay for (though the equivalent version, Google Analytics, is free on Android phones). It was only £1 though. It is basically Google Analytics. I just find it easier and quicker to use the app, rather than logging onto my laptop. I can quickly check my site’s data and stats at the click of a button, if a client needs it, for example.

What do you find helps you in your blogging life?


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