April Wishlist

It was recently my birthday and I had a few people asking me what I wanted. I don’t normally want too much, just a few random bits and bobs. This wishlist will confirm that – quite a few random bits and bobs!

I don’t think I would class myself as high maintenance (!) but there are a few things that I see that would make life a little easier for me, as life is right now. I am going to the gym more and more (my sister has introduced me to an awesome weight training workout) so I find that day to day and doing the school run, I am in my gym wear or comfies more and more. So here are some things I am loving, that are along those lines…


Nike Free TR5 – £62.99

I have just started a new workout regime and will be doing a lot more weight training. So I really fancy a new pair of trainers that are a little flatter than my running pair, to help me with lifting and keeping the correct form. It would only be right, wouldn’t it? I love the colours of this pair or I ‘d choose a black and white pair.

Pink HydrateM8 Bottle – £13.99

Lately I have been terrible at drinking water. I always need to have a bottle near me or I just epically fail at drinking enough water. It helps my skin so much (and weight loss) so I need to keep on track. I love the idea of this one. I could just draw my own with a marker too, couldn’t I? It’s just such a good idea!

Victoria’s Secret Knockout Leggings – £48

I bought a pair of Victoria Secret leggings when I was in America last week. Oh my, they are so comfy. Workout clothes generally are comfy but these just stick with you and don’t sag or even cling too tight. I want another pair for sure. If only those legs came with…

Crew Neck Arran Sweater – £47.99

I know, I know, it’s coming up to spring and (hopefully) some warmer weather. I have just go back from slowly Colorado, though, so I’m still liking the snug vibe. I have wanted a jumper like this for a while now. As it is a slightly longer line, it is perfect to go with leggings, to wear for my working-at-home days when I am sat still for hours on end – keeps away the chill!

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation – £30

I wanted to get this for my birthday when we were duty free at the airport last week. Of course, they didn’t have the shade I need, did they. So this is still on my list of wants.

Marble Bangle – £13.50

I do have a 20% coupon code for Coconut Lane that you can use too (AAUBlog20) so roll on payday and this will be mine! I just think it is so pretty.

Anything take your fancy?


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