So far this month has been pretty quiet. It has been nice to just chill and take time to get bits and bobs done that really needed to be done! We started the month with conference (www.lds.org). I really enjoyed the Sunday morning session the most, in particular Elder Uchtdorf’s talk – I definitely needed it and has really helped me to let go of something, which really was quite trivial in the grand scheme of things, but really bothered me for a long time. Something just came up last night to remind me of it again, bit I’m learning to forget. My mum and baby sis were down south visiting for a long weekend so we got to watch some sessions of conference with them. As my mum was down, it also meant we got a babysitter! Megan crashed our date and we all went to see ‘The Hunger Games’. Having not read the book I had no idea what was in store, but so many people have raved about it we thought it was a must see. I have since received the books for my birthday so made a start and I’m hooked. When I’m feeding Max is the perfect excuse to just take time out and read. Mike is a speedy reader and has lots of time to read on the daily commute to London – he is already on the last book! We celebrated Easter and it was great to have Mike off work for the two Bank Holidays. I just realised that I blogged about this in the post previous so won’t bore you with what we did again! It was my birthday 2 weeks ago and Mike had booked time off work to spend the day with me. I’m really glad he did or it would have been quite a dull day, with our morning baby group as the highlight! So in fact, we missed baby group and headed into London. (All after being truly spoilt and had a lovely breakfast prepared by Mike. Oh, and an awesome nights sleep – I had expressed some milk so Mike got up in the night for Max, as an extra little present. A-MAY-ZING!). We went to see the changing of the guard as neither of us had ever seen that before, which is hard to believe seen as we have both lived in England all our lives, but anyway, it was pretty cool. Sooooo many tourists milling about though, really not looking forward to the olympics in terms of tourists! We went for lunch and got a cupcake and then headed home. Not long after we got back, there was a knock on the door and to my surprise, my parents were standing at the door! It was brilliant to see them and such an extra special present. They brought more gifts and a cake made by my amazing sister Emma (lottiebellebakery.blogspot.com). They volunteered to babysit so off to the cinema we went again (got to love a free cinema pass). It was quite slim pickings really but we went to see Battleship – not as bad as I thought to be honest and Rihanna can actually act. The next day Mike was back at work so had a lovely day with my parents and Max. They took care of Max in the morning and some chores so I was able to head out for a run and get ready at my leisure. We went to the racecourse and had a little walk and a yummy lunch. They headed home not long after but it was so good to see them! A friend and I have signed up for a 5k ‘Race for Life’ next month – I can’t believe I was running a half-marathon and now just a measly 5k, but hey, got to build up my fitness somehow. I also recently got a spin bike so I am on that daily – here’s to a beach bod soon 😉 (if you want to sponsor us you can by visitng www.raceforlifesponsorme.org/boo-shortay) Thank you in advance if you do! We have booked to go to Spain next month and am so excited for some sun! It will also be great to take Max to the beach and swim with him in the pool. He is nearly 5 months and doing really well. We have started him on some solids, just one thing a day at the moment (if Daddy had anything to do with it, he would be eating them all the time!!) but it’s so fun to see his reaction to things and see him growing. He now has a Jumperoo to play with and loves it – keep his attention for quite a while which is great for me! He is doing really well and is *nearly* sitting upright by himself. At the moment he can hold himself at a kind of 45 degree angle, so getting there. Some updated pics to come soon (as soon as I’ve lost more weight I won’t mind the camera being on me as much)!

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