Are You a Candidate For Nuvia Smiles or other Dental Implants?

While dental implants might sound like a good option, they’re not for everyone. People with gum disease, autoimmune disease, and other health conditions are not good candidates for same-day implants. 

If you have a decaying tooth or missing teeth and are eager to restore your oral health, you’re likely an excellent candidate for this procedure. Your dentist can discuss which long-term options will be the most suitable for your situation, and your recovery time is usually about three to six months. During this time, you won’t be swollen, and your jaw will be firmly anchored to your new smile. Read on for more information.

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There are several different procedures that offer to give you a new smile. 

There are increasing popularity for such procedure. This offers you the chance to replace your teeth with high-quality implants in twenty-four hours instead of the typical procedure timeline, which is six months or more. Check out the homepage for more information. This process can be very attractive to patients because it condenses the procedure into a shorter timeframe. A lot are opting for this procedure even if it costs more than others because of the quality and longevity.

If you are in good health, you are a prime candidate for this procedure. You can always check with your dentist to ensure that you are ready and healthy enough to undergo the process.

Recovery time

You should expect some pain and swelling during the first two days following your surgery. Swelling is a natural part of the healing process and typically subsides within 7 days. Click the link: for tips on how to best recover from the procedure.

However, your mouth may experience some bruising or swelling after the procedure. This swelling is normal and can last for twenty to thirty minutes. In addition, you may experience some numbness or tingling. All of these symptoms can subside over time.

Smoking, excessive alcohol use, and a poor diet can all delay the recovery of your dental implant. Brushing regularly and flossing properly are crucial for your overall recovery. Your dentist will explain how to care for your dental implants at home. 

You should also avoid any type of food or drinks with high sugar content, such as candy or ice cream. You will also need to watch for any symptoms of infection or sinus problems.

You can take over-the-counter pain medication if necessary to ease the pain and discomfort after your procedure. If pain persists, you should consult your dentist to receive appropriate aftercare and pain medication. 

It is normal to experience some bruising around the surgery site, but this is usually not painful. The infection or lack of blood supply can lead to serious complications. Fortunately, recovery is generally only a few days, which means you can resume your normal daily activities within a few weeks.

After your surgery, you should rest for a minimum of four to five days. Your oral surgeon may recommend a mid-week surgery to minimize your recovery time. It will take approximately four to five days for your jaw to fully heal, but you should still try to maintain good oral hygiene. 

It is common to experience some swelling after dental implant surgery, so it is important to eat only soft foods for the first two days after the procedure.This includes soup, mashed potatoes, or even macaroni and cheese. Anything you do not have to bite down hard on qualifies as a good candidate for post-surgery meals. That means you should wait to chow down on apples or ribs for a while.

Bleeding is expected for a couple of hours after your dental implant surgery. During the first hour, try to bite down on gauze pads for about half an hour. Don’t rinse your mouth or spit, as these can aggravate the bleeding and delay healing. 

Also, if you have an upper jaw implant, you should avoid blowing your nose or pressing the area to prevent the bleeding from continuing.


The cost of dental implants can be prohibitive, but fortunately, there are some ways to make the procedure affordable. While some dental insurance plans will cover the procedure, others do not. 

One way to save money is to use a dental savings account (DSA), which can be applied towards the cost of the procedure. In addition to DSAs, FSAs are also an option. These accounts allow you to pay for certain dental procedures, such as implants, with cash, rather than using a credit card.

Many dental practices offer flexible payment plans that allow patients to make monthly payments that suit their budget. These teeth-in-a-day treatments can be financed online. With no credit check and no application fee, patients can apply for financing in minutes. 

The online application process does not affect the patient’s credit score. Because of the changing economic climate, credit scores are no longer an issue when financing dental implant surgeries. With access to online loan applications, you can review your options and decide which is right for you.

The cost of dental implants varies from country to country. The same implant from a particular brand may cost more in the U.S. than in another country. However, dentists in dental tourism locations often quote their services for up to 70 percent less than they would charge in your home country. 

Some clinics also accept insurance plans. A dental tourism clinic should have highly qualified dentists who use the latest technology and procedures. The dentist should be able to apply dental insurance to the patient.

The cost of dental implants depends on several factors, including the dentist’s overhead, location, and individual fee structure. The procedure requires an assessment of the patient’s gum and jawbone condition, a bone graft, and extraction. 

Besides dental implants, the cost of dental surgery includes the cost of anesthesia. If you are looking for a permanent solution for missing teeth, then this procedure is right for you. With these costs, you can finally have the smile of your dreams, without the worries of missing teeth.

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