How Artelac® Eye Drops Have Helped to Refresh My Tired Eyes

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When we started off the year with back to school and back to work, I had no idea that within twenty-four hours we would be back to a full lockdown with working from home and homeschooling (or attempting to) once more. It has been a pretty stressful time, as most parents trying to juggle it all will know, and I have never been more exhausted. Being with the children all day and then trying to cram in work, often late into the night, means a lot of late nights, and then early mornings. 

Alongside that, it has meant more screen time than ever, for all of us. I do my copywriting work, social media, and blogging work from my laptop, of course, and the children have a range of Zoom lessons, as well as logging onto various websites to complete their work. So I am pretty much looking at a screen all day. Team that with being tired, and being a contact lens wearer, and my eyes have been feeling tired, as well as dry, more so than normal. 

To help to cool and refresh my tired eyes I have been using Artelac® eye drops. They are an amazing dry-eye product from Bausch & Lomb (one of the world’s leading eye health companies). With the knowledge that the company has around eye health, the eye drops have been a great resource, and with a range of three products to choose from, I can choose the best one for me. This helps me, but means I am still in control with the busy life that I lead.

Causes of dry eyes

Even with lockdown, so many of us are working long hours and have lifestyle habits, as well as environmental factors that can lead to symptoms of dry eyes. Excessive screen time is definitely a trigger for me, along with contact lense use. With the stellar eye health knowledge behind the brand, I know that I am getting the use of a lifestyle product that can be used each day to help to alleviate the dry eye issues that I experience.

Contact lenses and dry eyes

As a contact lens wearer, I use daily lenses as I have found that they fit in better to my lifestyle, and think they are more hygienic for my eyes. But as they are only daily lenses, they aren’t as hydrating to eyes as monthly lenses that I have used in the past; they are designed to only be temporary and used for a certain number of hours. When I leave them in for a while, as I have been lately, then I definitely do feel the effect and feel my eyes being drier than normal. 

The great news for me, and any other contact lens wearers is that the eye drops are contact-lens friendly, so you can use them when wearing lenses. I haven’t seen this on many similar products before, so it is a big plus for me. I do suffer from hayfever too, so can see the eye drops being a big help when that time comes around as well. 

Eye drop product range

As mentioned, there are three products in the Artelac® eye drop range:

  • Artelac® Night
  • Artelac® Every Day
  • Artelac® Protect

The whole range has been expertly designed and created by a whole panel of scientists, which is really reassuring. All of the range has been crafted to offer fast dry eye relief, and lasting dry eye relief. I have been using the Night drops once I’ve taken my makeup off and got ready for bed, and been using the Every Day drops whenever I feel the need during the day. This is usually just once a day, though as I can feel the impact of them lasting and lasting. 

Another great thing about the range is that you have the ability, once dry and tired eye symptoms are taken care of, to focus on the things in your life each day that really matter. For me, it is the children and my work, as well as being as active as we can and getting outdoors.

I have found the eye drops simple to use, through the great design of the bottle. Instead of having to squeeze the bottle, which can be hard when you’re putting them in your own eye. The bottle is designed with a push motion, which feels natural in my hand. As a result, it makes the whole thing simple and no-fuss so that I can quickly apply the drops when needed. 

Are you someone who also suffers with dry or tired eyes? I think it is definitely a result of modern life, but I have felt the benefit of using these drops, especially as a contact lens wearer who has a lot of time in front of screens. If you are worried about your eyes or if you have any dry eye symptoms that persist, then it is always best to seek advice from your doctor or optician. You can buy the Artelac eye drop range on Amazon, as well as Superdrug, both in-store and online.

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