How to Make an at Home Date Night Extra Special for Valentine’s Day

A lot of you will be in the same camp as me; you have young children so it can be tricky getting out and about for date nights. With valentine’s day just around the corner, it got me thinking of what we could do.

It is a Sunday this year so going out for a meal will be pretty busy and oversubscribed, no doubt. I do feel that you don’t need a specific day of the year to plan something special or tell someone you love them. But what is the harm in doing something for your love? Any excuse! So here are a few tips to help create a special date night at home.

Plan Ahead

For those of you that know me, will know, I love to plan and organise. Something like valentine’s day is no different; particularly if you want to do it at home. You might want to get specific little bits in so plan ahead. I like to meal plan anyway, but we will most likely be having dinner and a movie at home. So between us, we can plan a menu and get some (non-alcoholic) bubbles in too. We rarely have dessert in our house so the husband will know it is a special day if we have a dessert after our main. Might even stretch to a starter too!


No need to go all out, but I think a few decorations will distinguish the evening as something special and not just any old evening in at home. I like the idea of fairy lights, scented candles or some essential oils diffusing. There are lots of tutorial online for cute heart bunting chains that would look stunning. Of course, some valentine’s day flowers are a must (I am rather obsessed with fresh flowers so there better be some coming my way, Mr. U)!


Dress Up

To make the date night extra special, I think it is nice to dress up a little bit, even if you are only just home. You don’t want just to have dinner as you normally would in your sweats or pj’s if you want to make it an extra special evening. Take a little time to get ready and you’ll feel like you are going on a ‘proper’ date.

Fun & Silly Activity

Do something fun together that you don’t normally do. We watch a lot of movies together so while that is nice, it isn’t something that would say ‘super special’. Something that you can both laugh and have fun with instead is a must. You could have a dessert that you need to make or put together yourself, like a cake pop bar. One of my favourite ‘make yourself’ desserts is chopping up apples, drizzle with caramel or dulce de leche. Then top with a variety of toppings like crushed biscuits, chocolates or nuts.

You could try a few other things like popping out to the garden, if you have one, to stargaze and spot the constellations. I would love this, does that make me a loser?!

I’d love to hear what you have planned? Whatever it is, I hope you have a lovely time!


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