Autumnal Instagram Post Inspiration

Despite falling out of love with Instagram’s algorithm update, it is still my favourite social media platform. I love the addition of stories and often find myself interacting with those more than pictures. However, checking out people’s latest pictures is or their feed, is one of my favourite past times (no, really). Ha. There is just so much prettiness out there.

Summer and seeing lots of beach, sea, sand, and holiday snaps, has been great, but I’ve always had a soft-spot for all things autumn. The rich colours to cosy jumpers and ankle boots, and frosty mornings, the season is a haven forgetting your Instagram game on. But just what shots could you be snapping this year?


Coffee & Hot Chocolate

Last year, the pumpkin spice latte returned in early September, so we should expect the same this year. And is it even autumn if you haven’t had the Starbucks classic? I’m not a coffee drinker, though, tbh, so it will be hot chocolate for me, pilled high with chipped cream and marshmallows. Yum!


Autumn is just full of colour. It is all around, even on the floor! Leaves have such rich browns and reds, making them the perfect seasonal Instagram post. Individually or as a pile will definitely add some colour to your news feed.

Cosy Selfies

Whether you’re watching the fireworks, eating pie or playing in the snow (one can hope), a cosy selfie with friends wearing hats and scarves is a must. At least on stories anyway!


What is November without going to a firework display? Upload some sparkle to your feed or your stories and savour the season.



When you’re not drinking pumpkin-infused lattes, pumpkins themselves make a great Instagram post. Either carve them into a cute design or stack them up on your front porch; the options are endless.

Autumn Outfits

If you’re like me then you’ll use Instagram to see what other people are wearing and get some new outfit inspiration. In Autumn, though, why not show off some of your favourite new items of clothing? Some designer womenswear from a brand like Ralph Lauren, will give you some ideas on the items you should be wearing and sharing over the next couple of months. Whether modelled or a flatly; get it on your feed.


Fancy yourself as a bit of a professional photographer? Frost on a morning can make a super striking picture, as well as put some of your photography skills to the test. Tend result is well worth the effort!

Wellies & Puddles

We grumble when it rains in summer, but it’s a different story in autumn, right? When you’re played up in coats, wellies, and cute socks, then start snapping some puddle photos. One of my children’s favourite things to do. I would love to see some snow too.

What are you looking forward to this autumn?

Rebecca x

*collaborative post

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