Avoid Serious Plumbing Problems by Getting an Annual Checkup

Do you get an annual physical from your doctor, get your car checked once a year, or see a dentist at least once a year? Most people do and the reason is to try to prevent larger more serious problems by detecting them early. Your home’s plumbing systems are no different. If left unchecked, little problems can become big problems that can cause a lot of damage and cost you a lot of money. Giving your plumbing an annual checkup is smart and in the long run, cost-effective. You want to do everything you can to avoid major plumbing issues that can become emergency situations. Home emergencies vary in degree of seriousness. If your boiler breaks, it is not a good thing, obviously. However, there are some emergencies that happen in your home, like burst pipes that can be so potentially damaging and expensive, that they require you take action as quickly as possible.

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Everything wears out over time, including your home’s plumbing systems. Even though plumbing systems are durable in design, you still want to keep them in as good a shape as possible by regular maintenance. In addition, professional plumbers during your annual checkup will be able to find small problems you might not have noticed yet and fix them before they become big problems. Things like small leaks and slightly clogged drains that you might not notice will be noticed and fixed by your plumber before they become more serious.

Your Pipes

Your home’s pipes inside your walls that deliver your hot and cold water are probably not things you think about often unless you have a problem. However, with proper maintenance, you can prevent leaks and avoid costly repairs. Your plumbing pipes, along with drains, taps, and valves work together in your home to keep your water flowing. If there is a problem with one component, like your pipes, it will stop your plumbing from running smoothly. Your plumber will know during the annual maintenance visit to look for signs of pipe problems such as:

  • Low water pressure
  • Bad smells from your drains
  • Slow drains
  • Stained or damaged walls
  • Funny sounds coming from your faucets

If you notice any of the above symptoms before your annual checkup, you should contact your plumber. You should also check under your sinks and around your toilets for signs of leaks, moisture, and small cracks. Make sure you alert your plumber to what you have found and make an additional appointment if necessary. Water damage, in particular, can cause serious damage if left too long without being fixed. Your health can even be affected as water damage leads to the growth of mold.

Even when you bring in a professional plumber once a year for your plumbing maintenance, you can help throughout the year by paying attention to and looking out for:

  • Kitchen and bathroom faucet leaks
  • Toilets that keep running
  • Slow drains
  • Garbage disposal leaks
  • Visible mold or musty smells
  • Washing machine and dishwasher water connections

Simple Preventative Plumbing Maintenance Tips You Can Do

  • Be careful what you flush down your toilet
  • Check washing machine hoses regularly for wear
  • Look for leaks in the pipes around your water heater, air conditioner, and washing machine
  • Avoid pouring oils, fats, and grease down your kitchen drain
  • Use vinegar to clean the mineral deposits off your showerhead

Unnoticed little plumbing problems will gradually turn into larger, damaging, and costly problems. Hiring a plumber to perform an annual checkup can save you money in the long run because they have the experience looking for little problems and the knowledge on how to best fix them. In addition, annual maintenance will keep your plumbing system running smoothly and save you money.

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