Six Things To Do In Your Baby’s First Year

The first few weeks and months of your babies life should be the most cherished time for you and your family. After the longest 9 months of carrying your little one from the size of a blueberry to a grapefruit to a butternut squash, she’s finally here in your arms. In the womb she would have listened to your voice, but now it’s time for her to get to know your face.

It’s a time for bonding, feeding, changing, sleeping and not much else, especially after the different decisions to make, like delayed cord clamping technique, for example. You are likely to be bombarded with suggestions of things to do and you’ll politely listen and think – do I really have to do all of this? You may not have the energy to get out of your Pyjamas to go grocery shopping – let alone sign up for baby sensory classes.

So what are the things that you should make special effort and time for?

  1. Seeing friends: having a baby can be isolating for some, try your best to still keep in contact with your friends. Let your other half babysit one night so you can go out for a bite with your bestie. Or, let her come to you – just make sure you plan it at a time you know you and your little one won’t be needing a nap.
  2. Newborn photography: You will not regret capturing your little ones first facial expressions. It’s lovely to be able to share photos with loved ones but most importantly cherish these professional photos yourself. Your little one will just love looking back on pictures of herself. A natural shooting style makes it a whole lot less nerve-wracking which you need in those first few weeks. Newborn photography in Essex will provide you with a relaxing experience as well as stunning images.
  3. Keep a journal: you may have kept a journal of how you felt while you were pregnant. Now you may not have as much time to spare, or at least time to write long paragraphs about how you felt at the ultrasound – but you can use a bullet journal to note down what it was like to hear your baby laugh for the first time, or document the date  of her first steps. It’s important to record these things whether in a diary,    a baby book or even on your phone.
  4. Accept help: People will inevitably ask you how you’re getting on, and if you’re having a down day, there is no shame in telling your mum, sister or best friend. When people offer you help, TAKE IT! If your mum has time to sit with the baby while you nap, let her. If your friend offers help, ask her to whiz the hoover round or put on a load of washing while you sit and feed.
  5. Nursing clothes: Don’t be trying to squeeze into your skinny jeans right after having your baby. You need to be patient and wait for your body to be ready. In the meantime, invest in a few easy access nursing clothes, bras and some stretchy leggings and jeans – comfort is everything at this stage.
  6. Take a walk: As much as you need to spend time inside in your pjs, getting out for a walk in the fresh air can do wonders for our mental and physical health. Sometimes it’s actually nice to take that new buggy out into town and show off your newborn! Going out for a bit will help you feel human again.

Take on board these tips and you really will look back on this time with no regrets.

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