Baby Jogger City Tour Stroller Review

One thing that I find hard when we travel, is deciding whether to take a stroller or not. Chloe is at that age (2) where she likes to walk some of the time. But with only little legs she gets tired easily. And she is still at the age where she will have an afternoon nap on most days. So if we are out all day long, you know you’re going to want a stroller to take with you. It makes life much easier for everyone when she can have her nap!

We have been trying out the Baby Jogger City Tour Stroller recently, to see if it is a good option for when we travel, or when we are out and about in the city. Even for the school run I often need a stroller for Chlo. It is a mile walk each way to the school, which doesn’t sound that far. But when you’ve got a grumpy toddler it can seem like forever if she is walking. So having a lightweight option is very appealing.


First Impressions

I was amazed at how small it was! Good surprised, though. It arrived in a relatively small box; really compact. I have used a few strollers and travel systems since becoming a parent, and this is the smallest box I have had one arrive in. The wheels are just clicked in place and  can be removed if you needed them to be. I also adored the colour choice too. You don’t see many strollers this colour when you’re out and about and I’ve had several people mention how much they love the colour. Ours is juniper but you can get the stroller in onyx and violet too.





I also liked how it comes with the backpack. Such a fab feature, especially for travel. When we go into London (we live about 14 miles away from central London and the hubs works there), it is generally just Chlo and I. It is so handy to be able to pack it away for when we are going on the tube, for instance. I tried the ‘backpack’ straight away and was pleased with how light the stroller is. It isn’t ‘light as a feather’ or anything, as come on, it’s a pushchair. But it wasn’t a strain or painful to wear it.



Ease of Use

If you have tried out a few strollers before, the stressful part is figuring out how to open and fold it. So I was wondering what it would be like with this one. It was really simple, though. To open it, you just unclip the small hook and lift it up. The wheels just come away and you just put it in place. Then using the button on the handlebar, you push that ad it folds back the top part and parasol. It was really easy and I have been able to do it with one hand – always a bonus with little ones!



To fold it away was easy too. You need it to be quick if you are about to board a plane or get on a train, and I have found that it is. You just push the red button that is under the basket, then pull up the strap that is on the seat. It just folds up in front of you. Then press the handlebar button again to open it. Straightforward and simple, so a winner with me.





The stroller is lightweight and the wheels are really smooth. You can push it quite easily with one hand (not that I would recommend doing that exactly, but do you get what I mean)? I like to have the front wheels on the setting where they spin in all directions. Though you can have them set to just go forward if you’d prefer. The pushchair is easy to lay back too. You just adjust a clip at the back. So it is great when little miss needs a nap when we’re out. It isn’t completely flat but enough for a toddler.



I have been using an old school fold-in-half, style of stroller before this and it needs a lot of force. If you need to get up a curb, for instance, I’ve had to apply a lot of pressure to lift the front wheels off the floor. With the Baby Jogger, you hardly have to push the handlebar when you need to get up or down a curb. Even with my two year old in, it was really light. Really had no problems using it and found it easy to use.


Any Issues?

The only issue I have, is that I think an adjustable handlebar would be a good idea. At the moment it s a fixed handlebar. I am 5’9 and my husband is 6’2. It felt fine for me, but my husband said he did feel like he was having to hunch slightly to get to the handlebar. It didn’t make it uncomfortable, though, but just a suggestion to think about.

fab 5-point harness



love this feature so you can see what they are doing
love how full the sunshade is – UV protection too

Final Thoughts

All in all I have been loving this stroller. Chloe has been happy in it and often asks for ‘seatbelt’ (her word for stroller)?! I love, love, love, the fact that it folds down so compact. It takes up hardly any space in the boot of our car, as well as the travel aspect of being able to wear it as a backpack. Anything that frees up your hands when you travel with little ones is a winner with me. Really pleased with it.


The Baby Jogger City Tour retails at £249.99.

What do you think to the city tour stroller? Have you ever used a Baby Jogger stroller?


*the stroller was gifted in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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