An Easy Way to Baby-Proof your Gadgets

When you have got little ones, a lot of things need baby proofing. I know when I first had children, all I thought about needing to baby-proof was the home. I thought about the usual important cupboards that they should stay out of, as well as plugs and switches.

I didn’t realise how much I would need to baby-proof my phone, tablet and laptop. And as a blogger, those things are so important to me, it would be a nightmare for them to get damaged!

When my nephew was younger, he grabbed my sisters phone when he was teething and dribbled all over it. So yep, that stopped working! When my son was potty training, he grabbed my phone when I wasn’t looking, and yep, you guessed it, dropped it into the potty (sobs) I’m still sad about losing that phone!

Just two extreme examples of how they can get damaged by our beloved little ones. They can cause a few more smaller things to happen to them too, though, like little marks and scratches. Along with grubby finger marks and stains. It’s a good job they’re cute, right? 😉

There are so many lovely covers and cases that you can get for all of your gadgets, though. No damage can be done if they are out of sight and free from little hands (or the potty) (still sobbing).

Here are some that I am loving from FiloFax – I only recently found out that they do this type of thing and I am loving them!tablets

1.Butterfly iPad Case – £38 – because, just look how pretty! The geek in my also loves that it has a notepad inside it with pen holder and card holders. Who needs a handbag with this?

2. Nappa Zipped iPad Folio – £99 – I just love this one! I have never seen one before like this with a strap. Perfect for working mums that commute or mums that just want to have their tablet with them when they are out and about. the strap is removable too.

3. Exotic iPad Mini Case – £67.50 – I think that the print on this one is just gorgeous, made with deluxe Italian leather. I think its looks just like a clutch bag too – perfect for super stylish mums on the go.

4. Malden iPad Sleeve – £25 – the colour of this one is one of my favourites. Not all-singing-all-dancing, but perfect to house the tablet away from small hands!

What is your favourite out of these? Do you have any disaster stories with you little ones and your tech?



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