Bags of Love Personalised Lunch Boxes | Review

I think I have said many times before, that I love a personalised item in my life. There is just something cute and quirky about it. Plus, I think they make fantastic gifts. You know that the person that made it for you was really thinking about you. I am definitely someone that appreciates the thought when it comes to a gift.

So with Christmas around the corner, you might be looking at getting some personalised gifts for people. Which is where Bags of Love come in. It seems like you can get all sorts personalised and printed these days. At Bags of Love that is no exception. There are items from cushions and mugs, to even shoes and clothing. So you’d find something for everyone. I chose to get my two children a new lunch box, though. We have a distinct lack of tupperware in our house, so this seemed like a fab option for school and nursery.

The Design Process

To start with, I will let you know how easy the design process was on the website. I found it really straightforward and easy to use. You can use their existing emojis, labels or patterns. You can also connect social media accounts, like Instagram and Facebook, to upload your images from there. You can stretch or ‘shrink’ the designs and change where sit. You can add in stickers and text, being able to change the colour and font of the latter. I didn’t want their photo on the boxes, so just decided to go with their names. A simple but effective design.

Overall Thoughts?

The delivery was relatively quick, to say they were making this from scratch. The designs turned out just as I wanted them too. So I was really pleased with that. The colours were true to what I had designed, as well as the font and style. So the ordering and delivery processes were really smooth and worked well.

I think that overall the design of the lunchbox is pretty simple, so I feel it might be a little bit expensive for what it is (£16.50 per lunch box). I think it is great for something like a gift, but not necessarily something that you would just buy yourself (for me anyway). The box has been used well, though, and washed well. It is made from sturdy plastic and is quite thick. I haven’t wanted to test it, but it doesn’t seem like it would crack easily.

All in all I think that Bags of Love are a good site for personalised products. I think that some items are a little overpriced for what they are, though. But they’re personalised so it depends how important that is to you. It is worth having a browse and finding something that suits your needs and your budget.

Have you ever heard of Bags of Love?


*the items were gifted in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and words are my own.

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