Chicco Arrow Balance Bike Review

One thing I regret not doing with Max is getting a balance bike. He is getting a bike with stabilisers for Christmas as he really needs to learn how to do it. A lot of children in his school ride a bike to and from, and he has been asking to do that too.

My nephew got a balance bike when he was about three if I remember right. He got really confident and just zoomed by on it. So when it came time for him to ride a ‘proper’ bike, he didn’t need stabilisers. He had the balance of staying on a bike down. He just had to learn about the pedals. So with Chloe, I’m glad that we can try her out on a balance bike, and hopefully speed up how she learns on a bike. It would be great if we could all cycle to school!


We have been sent this Chicco Pink Arrow balance bike from the online store Kiddies Kingdom. The website was really easy to use and order from. They have such a good range of products on there, perefct for little ones. As I love shopping online, I think it will become somewhere I will look now.


At first, Chloe was a little unsure. But we made the seat low enough for her so that her feet were comfortable on the ground. Then she walked up and down the hall and round the kitchen etc. She built up confidence with it quite quickly. Just keeping her indoors until she is less wobbly and her helmet has arrived. Safety first and all that.


The bike arrived in three separate pieces. The main frame with the wheels, then the handle bar and seat weren’t attached. The instructions were easy to follow, though. I had it together in a couple of minutes. One of the first things I noticed was the colour of the bike – so bright and striking. Chloe really loved it too.


The handlebars are easy to swivel and manoeuvre. I like the grip that they have on them too. Will make a difference with little hands on there holding on. The bike is metal, but it actually feels really light. It is made from a really light metal. So if we go to the bike and it doesn’t get ridden home, it wouldn’t be too heavy to bring back. It also makes it easy for Chloe to steer and move it all around.



The balance bike cost is £34.99 which is cheaper than a lot that I have seen on the market. So I think it is a really reasonable price. I think you’d get your money’s worth too. It seems to be well made, so would pass down to others. The bike is suitable for use from 3 to 5 years (or up to 25kg). So you’d get a couple of years use out of it anyway. Then they should go to a regular bike easily.

Have your little ones ever used a balance bike? Have you ever shopped online at Kiddies Kingdom? Would love to hear what you think.


*the bike was gifted in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

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