Grabbing a Bargain Shopping Online in Summer

I was a big fan of online shopping before now, but since lockdowns and being at home during the pandemic I have become an even bigger online shopping addict. I can hardly remember when I last went to a high street, but luckily, there are still plenty of small businesses online, as well as larger ones that I can buy from, so I definitely don’t feel like I’m missing out. Not having to take the kids out to the shops or deal with traffic and parking are big things that appeal to me, as well as being able to browse in a more time-efficient way. Not to mention that you can get some good deals online, especially with voucher codes and first-purchase discounts.   

I can’t be the only person that is always on the lookout for a discount code when it comes to shopping online. You could use a voucher code website or sign up to a website’s newsletter in order to get a discount for the first order with them. The good news is that there are some little tricks that you can do when you shop online in order to get an even greater discount, especially over the summer time. If you are looking for a pair of summer sandals in the sale or new clothes for a beach holiday, then you really can save. If you aren’t like me and don’t shop online all that often or you don’t know how to snag some of the best deals, then you need to keep reading; you’ll be able to save quite a lot in no time.

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Make use of our search engine

When you start to shop online, make sure that you make use of your search engine. You can find new places that sell the things that you are looking for that you haven’t discovered yet, rather than just going to your usual go-to online stores or brands. 

You can also use your search engine to find some good deals. For example, you might have not known that you can shop through sites like Love the Sales in order to get Clarks shoes at a discount. When you use a search engine, you can be really specific, such as a brand and free delivery, so that you’re using your time online shopping as efficiently as possible. 

Add to cart… and leave it

If you don’t know this little trick, then you are missing a trick! If you have an account with a particular store and add things to your cart, then when you’re online, they will be able to see that it was you that was interested in some particular items. If you don’t need to order it immediately, then hang tight. Within a few hours you are likely to get an email telling you that you forgot something, and often offering you a discount or an incentive like free delivery. I have plenty of experience of this; it definitely does happen. 

Check social media

There are so many retailers that use social media, both big businesses and small businesses. Make sure that you check their channels and follow them, especially if you have something in mind that you are looking to buy. They can do flash-sales from time to time or offer discounts to social media followers only. You’ll only know and be able to take advantage of those things if you are following them and are in the know. Sometimes when you follow someone in instagram or Twitter they have an automated message that will go in your DMs welcoming you and offering you a discount. Definitely something to consider and it is simple to do.

What are some of your simple go-to tricks and tips for scoring a good deal when you’re shopping? I find that this time of the year, there are plenty of sales so you can get what you need for the rest of summer, as well as stock up on what you might need for next year.

*this is a collaborative post but all words and opinions are my own.

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