Bathroom Upgrade: Changes That I Would Like to Make

If you are thinking about making some changes to your bathroom anytime soon, then where do you start? I know it took us a while deciding on the types of tiles, flooring, and units that we wanted. Bathrooms can be pretty pricey to rebuild, though. So if unless you want a complete bathroom redesign, then it might be time to just make a few small changes. Here are some ideas that I am thinking about for our bathroom.


Adding More Storage

When we moved in, half of our small bathroom was an airing cupboard! We wanted to use the space for a bigger bathroom, so we decided to knock it down. It did limit us on storage, though. So I think we need some more. I like the idea of having a ladder storage unit as I think they look really modern and stylish. You can fit a lot on them too. I would like to have our towels displayed better too. They are either just folded, on hanging on a towel rail. A floating shelf with the towels on would look good. I might even roll the towels like they do at a spa if I was feeling fancy.

Make the Room More Functional

When your bathroom is on the small side, you have to make the most of the space. I don’t like clutter at the best of times but especially when a room is small. I like that we have a p-shaped shower bath, as it uses the space in the room wisely. But other than that, I’m not sure how functional our bathroom is. I would like to get some mason jars to display things like our cotton buds and cotton pads. I would also like to get sort out our vanity unit storage. The more that we can hide away in drawers and cupboards, the less cluttered the room will look.

Change Flooring

Our bathroom has tiled flooring. While I like the look of it, it can be cold on bare feet. It can also be quite slippery when it is wet. I need to get a new bath mat for sure, then the later should be eliminated. I would have to have some under the floor heating installed, though. Then it will solve the problem of cold feet. We looked at it before, and it was fairly straightforward. I will just need my dad to come and look at the electrical side of things for us.

Pops of Colour

I like the palette of colours that we have in our bathroom. However, I would like to add a little bit more colour here and there. It is a bathroom that is very neutral in colour. I think some bolder coloured towels would be a good idea, though. Brown would look good I think, as our tiles are a sort of marbled cream pattern.

Have you got any plans to decorate this winter? Any plans for the bathroom? Hopefully, I will find the time to sort some of these desires out!


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