A Dream Bathroom Remodel with Tile Mountain

Let’s start from the very beginning…

“How much will it cost?”

Now the jolly tiler who’s inspecting my bathroom turns steely as we start crunching the numbers. It’s out of budget and he’s not available to do it for months. Suddenly, I wonder if my bathroom refit dreams will only be realised on Pinterest, and I’ll be left with a dodgy looking bathroom until I go grey. I say “dodgy” because three years ago my husband and I renovated our entire house including said bathroom, but it was a huge rush job. We were desperate for the house to become an idyllic home in time for move in day – our wedding day! A home maintenance company was tasked to do the bathroom and managed to get it done just in time. Unfortunately, due to lack of man hours it never looked quite right. The toilet didn’t sit straight. The tiles were a bit off. Now three years on, and a pipe leak later, the bathroom hasn’t stood up to the test of an – albeit – short time.

So here we are.


A girl can dream…

I would love to make over our bathroom into something completely working and functional, and more crucially to a interior-mad girl like me, something beautiful. As I write this I’m gazing every so often at my Pinterest board entitled “Bathroom Update” and it’s a paradise of glossy grey and marbled beige. Forget the three piece suite or where I’ll put the soggy towel after my one year old’s bath time, it’s all about the tiles. Tiles are everything and I’ve looked everywhere. Nowhere has quite satisfied my ceramic appetite like Tile Mountain. Firstly, they have a great selection of tiles in every style you could possibly want, including a collection of their best-selling styles in their “Popular Tiles” section, which gives you an ideal starting point if you’re stuck for ideas. Their website offers loads of images of each tile in real-life use so you can see what it will look like. Secondly, you can order by quantity of tiles or by area size which is nice and handy for a novice like me. Plus (and this is a BIG bonus) you can order free cut samples of tile so you can see and feel it for yourself at home! To top it off Tile Mountain has been rated 9.4 out of 10 on Trustpilot.


Getting started…

If you’re thinking of doing a bathroom remodel by yourself, I’d recommend watching the series of “How To” videos by Tile Mountain to get started. They are presented by DIY expert and TV personality, Craig Philips. Here are a few in particular that will really come in handy for a bathroom remodel:

How To Lay Out Floor Tiles For a Bathroom and a Kitchen:

How To Cut, Install and Lay Mosaic Tiles:

How To Seal a Shower Tray or Tub with Silicone:



Are you planning a remodelling project? Whether you’re giving your bathroom or kitchen a makeover, head over to Tile Mountain and browse their selection. I can’t wait to see my samples!

Ellie x

*This is a collaborative post with Tile Mountain.

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