What Does Your Bathroom Style Say About You?

Of all the rooms in a home, it seems like the bathroom can get the least amount of attention in terms of interior design. I love to watch home renovation videos on YouTube, and most contributors confess to leaving the bathroom to the end of the revamp process! This isn’t necessarily because of practicality reasons, but more that they didn’t consider their bathrooms to be a particularly important room of the house.

But think about your bathroom for a moment… surely it’s one of the most utilised rooms of the home! You’re in and out all day with showering, bathing, brushing teeth etc. and you use if you love a bath in the evening then it’s also a place you go to for rest and relaxation. It’s a place we should be paying a little more attention, and perhaps update if we need to! A bathroom has to be tranquil, but also an easy-to-use useful place.

What style bathroom attracts you?

With so many different bathroom designs to choose from, it can be hard to know where to begin! My recommendation is to work out whether you like the look of a modern bathroom or a traditional bathroom.

A contemporary bathroom will have sleek lines, the suite will tend to have straight edges with chrome modern fixtures and fittings. Tiles will be more simple in design with square or geometric shapes and no ornate finishes. This type of bathroom always looks expensive and luxurious.

A traditional bathroom doesn’t mean old and frumpy! It means classic and timeless in design and function. It tends to have fewer mod-cons, although you can decide to add these in if you wish. The suite might have more curved tactile shapes to it. Tiles used might be more decorative and romantic. This type of bathroom will be a wonderful cosy place for a sumptuous bath with a good book.

What does each style say about you?

If a modern bathroom is your thing then chances are you have a modern-style home or are wanting to update your home with an up-to-date interior. You love trends and you always keep an eye out for the newest designs! Perhaps you love watching Grand Designs or property makeover shows? You certainly have an eye for interior design and want to make your home clean and sophisticated.

If a classic bathroom if your thing then you can appreciate the charm of a traditional home. Perhaps you own a period property and you want to be sympathetic to the natural feel of the house? Or you want to add a bit of whimsy nostalgia to your modern home? You love watching Escape to the Country or property TV shows that showcase the charisma of an older home. You definitely know a thing or two about classy designs and want nothing but the best for your space.

“I’m stuck! I can’t seem to get started on my bathroom renovation!”

My top tip to overcome this issue is to visit a comprehensive showroom that showcases lots of styles with a variety of fittings. Even if you have a clear idea of the type of bathroom you want, seeing items in the flesh will help solidify your ideas and could provide some surprising inspiration! If you’re serious about renovating your bathroom and you want to choose items that will suit your family for the long-term, then don’t miss out the crucial stage of a visiting a bathroom showroom, much like the inspiring Bathroom Showrooms Bournemouth has to offer.

“Help! I don’t have the budget to change my whole bathroom but want to add a bit of one of these styles to my bathroom renovations – what can I do?”

One of the simplest and cost effective ways of changing up your bathroom style is changing the fixtures and fittings. Take this image for example… both are gorgeous taps. One will give your home that sleek feel of a modern bathroom, the other will give you the classic look of a traditional bathroom. Both fabulous items are available from JC Plumb.

So, what’s your bathroom style?

*This is a collaborative post. However, all thoughts opinions and words are my own. Tap images courtesy of JC Plumb.

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  • I agree! Bathrooms get the least attention but that’s the most relaxing place (in the summer when ones taking a cold shower and tub thinking) I don’t know what it said about the person but I do know that Bathrooms deserve a bit of more, atleast that’s what I do… anyhow Thanks for sharing the your ideas 🙂

  • Indeed! Bathrooms deserve a lot of attention!
    People often neglect them, failing to see the great DIY opportunities they have.
    Great post, keep posting more!