Master Your Messy Bathroom with These Organisation Tips

The bathroom should be a place for relaxing and unwinding. You spend a lot of time here getting ready in the morning or preparing for dates, and nothing adds to stress like mess and clutter. If you’re the type of person who keeps year-old mascara (because you might need the brush!) or a mostly empty bottle of shave gel in the bathroom, then you’re not being as efficient as you could be.

Though a clean desk may be the sign of a sick mind, a tidy bathroom is a sure sign of sanity! With these five tips we’ll help you get a hold on your messy bathroom space:

Before & After... Finally!

1. Get Rid of Products That You Don’t Regularly Use

If you have a small bathroom with very minimal storage space it’s time to grab a bin liner and get to work. Throw away any products that you haven’t used in a while or that are expired. One great way to do this is to remove every item from a cabinet and place them somewhere within easy reach. If it gets used, it goes into the cabinet. At the end of the month (or week, if you’re feeling ruthless) anything not in the cabinet gets thrown away.

2. Consolidate Near Empty Items

If you have two half-empty (half-full?) bottles of hand soap sitting on your sink, just pour one into the other. Combine bottles of conditioner, cleaning solution, lotion, and shampoo. Don’t forget to wash and recycle the empty bottles!

3. One In, One Out

If you buy a new eyeliner or blush, try throwing away an old one or giving it to a friend (not the eyeliner, just toss that!). There’s no need to have more than one or two of any beauty product!

Before & After... Finally!

4. Maximise Your Storage (or Add More)

Assess your bathroom for places you can add storage or maximise what you already have. Pick up some baskets or boxes that you can arrange in a stylish way to make use of shelf space. Install towel racks that dry your towels (I love these curved ones!) so you don’t have wet ones hanging around. If you prefer a minimalist look, consider getting a recessed cabinet or shelves installed for a custom look that hides any clutter.

5. Get a Heat Resistant Container

If you have a habit of leaving hair straighteners and curling irons out to cool down, then it’s time to invest in heat-resistant containers that you can leave in a drawer. That way you can put those hot irons away immediately after use, instead of allowing them to take up valuable counter space. Try a heat resistant station mat available at Amazon.

6. Do Your Chores!

Don’t forget to pick up after yourself, simple as it sounds! At the end of the day, be sure to put everything back where they belong. It will make for a much more pleasant morning when you know that your lipstick is exactly where it always is, instead of on the kitchen table.

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