Bathtime is the Best! #VoiceofMums

My kids favourite time of the day is bath time. Literally.

They can be screaming or crying but as soon as they get in the bath they are super happy. Who doesn’t love splashing around in the bath?! I think the ultimate reason they love bath time is the bubbles (and we all know it isn’t a proper bath without bubbles, right? Max get eczema from time to time, especially in the cold weather, so their bubble bath does need to be quite sensitive on skin. One we like to use is Cussons Ultra Mild Head to Toe wash which not only is it gentle on skin but also gentle on eyes. Trying to get little Miss to close her big eyes whilst we wash her hair is near impossible. There are lots of other lovely products in the Cussons Mum & Me range, and you guessed it, they’re not just for the babies!

DSC_0140 DSC_0141

I’ve been lucky that my kids love it so much, and have done from the get go. Even the very first time we bathed them they were pretty happy about it and just screamed when we took them out. The first time we bathed Max though I was so nervous. Trying to coordinate this tiny little baby, holding him properly, having all his clothes, towel and nappy ready for afterwards as well as making sure it was all the right temperature. Needless to say, with Chloe, there was a lot less fuss, much more confident with what I was doing and no bath thermometer in sight. Ahh, being a parent for the first time.

I do have very funny memories of when my littlest sister was born (I was 7) and she absolutely hated having a bath. I vividly remember several times where my mum would bring the baby bath downstairs so we could all help. But I really remember my sister constantly screaming during each bath. We’d all just be like ‘Mum, get her out’ so we could have some peace! Makes me laugh looking back at it. Think you either get a water baby or you don’t – not much in between.

Have you got any funny memories of bath time with little ones?

Rebecca x

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