Beauty tech: The future’s bright eyed and clear skinned! | Guest Post by Angela at Cosmic Kick

My final guest post in the series while I am away is from Angela who blogs over at Cosmic Kick

A little bit about Angela:

Hello! I’m Angela Kate Webster. Born in Liverpool and living in Cardiff. I’m a 31 year old lifestyle blogger over at Cosmic Kick, freelance web content writer, dreamer and dork with an interest in pretty much everything. That might sound vague but it’s true!

~ Rebecca


Science fiction shows like the Jetsons and Star Trek may have successfully predicated life changing devices like the iPad and smart watch, but as clever as these products are I can’t help but feel cheated when I’m standing in Boots swatching countless foundations in an attempt to find one that perfectly fits my skin, or when I’m waiting 30 minutes for my hair dye to work or when I’m wiping the smudged liner from atop my eyelid for the third time on a sleepy Monday morning. There has to be an easier way. Hollywood: I blame you. You promised me an effortlessly beautiful future. Where is my futuristic beauty tech?

Okay, maybe I’m being a tad harsh. After all, we have seen some exciting innovation in the beauty sector over the past few years: The Phillips Lumia for example which uses IPL to reduce unwanted hair growth without having to visit the salon. Facial toner brushers such as the Clarisonic that leaves skin looking as if you’ve just stepped out of the spa. But we can do better.

Finally the beauty industry is finding ways to apply the latest technologies to its products in a way that is cheap enough for the consumer. So what does this mean for you and me?


It means perfect skin:

Customisable moisturiser – We 21st century folk like to think of ourselves as one of a kind. Nu Skin has recognised this and developed ageLoc Me. Essentially a snazzy high-tech moisturiser dispenser, ageLoc Me creates a formula customised to your skin from around 2000 possible combinations. It does this via a smartphone app assessment that produces a code which is then entered in to the device, and voila! Your own little robo-dermatologist is born.

Eye massager – Want to wake up bright-eyed and perky? The Iris massager from Foreo claims to do just that. This (slightly questionable looking) device uses a technique based on Asian finger tapping that helps stop puffiness and prevent signs of aging.

Anti-aging lasers – Massage too old fashioned for you? Want your eye treatments with more lasers (I mean, who doesn’t)? Like the Iris above, the Age-Defying Eye Wrinkle Correcting Laser from Tria targets signs of aging, but instead uses vibration and a laser. The internet has mixed reviews on this one with some users report a slight stinging, while others say “it feels like rubber bands snapping in your face”. Ouch!

Smart Sun Protection – It’s not just about beauty though. La Roche-Posay launched My UV Patch earlier this year: A sensor that sticks to the skin and monitors UV rays in real time. It does this by using photosensitive dyes that change the colour of the sticker. Using an app on your smartphone, the user then takes a picture of the sticker and the app feeds back information about their daily UV levels.

Effortless make-up:

Magic mirror – Remember when I mentioned the endless foundation swatching earlier? Well makeover app developer Modiface is here to save us from that mess once and for all. They’ve developed a mirror that uses augmented reality to allow you to try on all the cosmetics you want – a bit like a beauty focused Snapchat. No tissues required. It even gives you a tutorial on how to achieve the look once you take your new cosmetics home.

Tailored foundation – You may have guessed by now that I have some serious beef with foundation. At 31 I still haven’t found that perfect formula. I’ve yet to meet ‘the one’. That’s why I’m so excited by the Adorn foundation pen. At the top of a pen is a sensor that scans the skin, factoring in skin tone and type. The user’s tailored foundation is then mixed in the barrel and is printed out seconds later. What’s more is Adorn claims to be free of skin-nasties like parabens and sulphates.

Nail art – When it comes to my nails I’m happy if I manage to paint them just one colour without smudging. Let alone create funky designs.  Luckily for people like me nail printer system Inail will soon be arriving in nail salons everywhere. Inail lets you have any design imaginable printed directly on to the nail by either selecting an image on the built in touch screen or uploading a pic from a phone.

The dream – I’ve saved my favourite beauty gadget until the end. Do you guys remember that scene from The Fifth Element where LeeLoo picks up a Chanel viewfinder-looking thingy that gives her full eye makeup in seconds? Well Foreo has finally done it.

The Foreo MODA is almost too good to be true and there isn’t much information about it online, but according to an interview with MODA’s Vice President over at it’s a very real product and is coming soon.

Simply open up the MODA app on a smartphone and choose a makeup look from a selection of celeb and model photos, place your face in front of the MODA which uses facial mapping to size you up. It then prints the whole look directly on to your skin (that’s your cue to girly-squeal)! According to the comment section on Foreo’s YouTube channel, you will have to apply mascara yourself though. Ah well, I guess you can’t have it all.

If you’ve tried any of these beauty gadgets, or if you know of something even more futuristic that I’ve missed out, please let me know below and help my sci-fi beauty dreams come true.

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