Because He Lives

I am really looking forward to this long Easter weekend. We started off our Easter celebrations early as this week, hubs has had time off so we have been spending time in Yorkshire with some of my side of the family. It was Chloe’s first birthday yesterday (post to follow) and it has just been really lovely (and I have eaten waaaaaay too much cake). It has been so nice to have lots of family time and for the kids to be able to play with their cousins – I think it is so important and hope that they stay great friends when as they grow up.

Now we are back at home we will have some more family time with the hubs’ side of the family and more celebrations are there are more family birthdays coming up. April is a busy month for birthdays for us (including mine, yay), but hey, it means more cake right? 😉

One of the main things I like to do at Easter is to do an Easter egg hunt. Max loves doing this each year and he is brilliant at finding the eggs – even when I think I’ve hidden them really well, he must be psychic! It reminds me of when we did them when I was younger and running around the garden with my siblings trying to be the person who gets the most. We were able to do one this week with Max’s cousin and I’ve not smiled so much for ages! The boys were so excited to go around my parents garden and find the eggs, they were so cute, so lovely to see (and not to mention, they were very hyper little ones after the sugar high) 😉

DSC_0477 DSC_0476

Easter is a great time and fab to have time off work and lots of fun with family but I love to remember the reasons why we have all of that. The ‘Easter Bunny’ has never been a big thing for me, we never did that growing up but we were taught all about the reason for the Easter season and the reason why we have eggs and things like hot cross buns at Easter.

It is all because of Jesus Christ, because He rose after three days, because He lives. I think is it amazing to know that we can live again, whith God and Christ. Anyway, I love this video I recently saw and hope you do too.

Hope you have a lovely Easter,

Rebecca x

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