Reviewed: Damart Bedding Set & 5 Hot Weather Sleeping Tips

In true typical British fashion, we are found complaining about the weather when it is grey and miserable, but then when it is hot too. As we aren’t quite equipped to deal with the heat, at least in our homes, then it can make getting to bed pretty uncomfortable.

I remember when Chloe was three months old; she had been sleeping through the night for a few weeks up to that point. Then we had a heat wave and she was struggling to sleep through anymore. Nightmare for all involved!

But the good news is that if you struggle to sleep in the heat, then there are some things that you can do about it. Here are some of the things that you could try:

New Bedding

There are some materials that are going to be much better for you in the heat, as they will keep you cool and stop you from overheating. The best bedding materials to look out for are made from breathable cotton. This helps with ventilation. If you can, then just using sheets, much like when you’re on holiday abroad, is a good idea. If not, then ditch the warm, thick duvet, and go for a thinner one. We’ve done that recently and it really does make a difference (I don’t know why but it just feels weird to not have some kind of cover over me)!

I have also switched our duvet and pillow covers to a new set that we got from Damart recently, and the light cotton feel has made a difference (makes it wash really well and dry easily an quickly too).

^Chatsworth Duvet Set in grey – £17 – absolute bargain!

Use Your Freezer

To help reduce your body heat after a long and hot day, then putting your pillow case or sheets into the freezer can make a difference. Put them in a plastic freezer bag, and leave to chill for a while before going to bed. The cool-ness won’t last all night, of course, but it will take the edge of to start with.

Likewise, bringing an ice pack to your bed can keep you chilled and ready to konk out. A standard ice pack can do the trick. You could even make your own using a hot water bottle that you pop in the freezer, or even some rolled up damp and frozen towels.

Ditch the Excess

I’m all for a throw or extra scatter cushions, as much as the next person, but in summer, they can just be a place that creates more heat. So pack away the extra pillows, throws, or cushions, and keep it down to ‘bare-bones’ bedding. You’ll keep cooler when things are simpler.

Use Aloe Vera Gel

I am a massive fan of aloe vera, as it is so natural and has some wonderful benefits. Normally it is used on sunburn to cool your skin and help it to heal. But in fact, it does have the same cooling effect on your skin when you’re trying to cool down. So look for a good aloe vera gel, and use that as your moisturiser before bed, to hydrate, as well as cool your skin down.

Create Your Own Air Conditioning

Because we don’t get enough hot days, it doesn’t always follow that we need to splash out on air conditioning for our homes. But there is a little nifty trick that you can do to create your own A/C. Using a room fan, with a bowl of ice cubes in front of it can create a air conditioning effect. Ads the ice melts the water vapor is blown around the room using the fan. An easy win to help the room get cooler, and hopefully, help get you to sleep.

Just remember the lyrics to the song, Summertime, and the livin’ is easy… Keep chilled out and not do anything too strenuous before bed, and that will help you get a better night’s sleep too. Have you got any other tips that you would add?

*the bedding was gifted in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

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