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I feel like some rooms in our home need a little bit of an update, in particular, our bedroom. I think something like a feature wall would really lift it, as at the moment we just have plain walls and then our dark brown wardrobe, bookcase and bedside tables.

I really like our brown leather sleigh bed but as it is brown, there are only certain colours of duvet colour that look good with it. I think our linen and cushions could do with an update too. We have been in our home for nearly 5 years now and not much has changed since we originally decorated. Pinterest has come into my since then too and I have lots of wonderful ideas that I’d love to implement, though not all would be practical!

Before & After... Finally!

Yorkshire Linen have a lovely range of bedding and linen and I have spied a few pieces that I think would really update our bedroom. I’m always under strict instruction from the husband for ones that aren’t ‘too girly’ so unfortunately florals or sequins are out. The prices at Yorkshire Linen are ridiculously good too.

  • The Denver Natural Duvet Cover Set, Kingsize, £35
    • I love the bold stripes on it and the faux silk and faux velvet panels. It would make a nice addition to our room and look really striking.
  • 2 x Denver Natural Boudoir Cushion , £12
    • These would be a classic addition to have with the matching duvet cover set. Again, I really like the stripes and it will look better than the cushions we have at present that are completely plain.
  • The Minimalist Cream Duvet Cover Set, Kingsize £26.99
    • This one is pretty plain but always handy to have a spare for when it is laundry time, and our current plain option is really getting ready to be thrown out as we’ve had it for ages. It is modern looking, yet timeless and I like the pinpleat that runs down the cover.


What do you think to the duvets?

Rebecca x

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