Simple Ways to Give Your Bedroom a Luxury Makeover

We love to travel and visit other places. One of the great things about travel is that you get to visit various hotels and not have to think about housework for a week or two. It is so nice to be able to just fall into bed after a busy day being tourist and having fresh luxury Egyptian cotton sheets to relax in. Even better when you know you don’t have to be the one to wash them! But how can you create this luxury feel to your bedroom when you are back at home? Why save it for when you are just away on holiday? Here are a few affordable ways that you can create lavish bedroom. You can create this on any budget too.


The Bed is the Centrepiece

When you think of hotel rooms, the bed is the main feature. it isn’t just shoved up against the wall, hidden round the corner from the door. You want the bed to be the main feature when you enter the room. Hotel rooms always have luxurious matching bedding, along with plenty of pillows and cushions. So start with getting a thick and supportive mattress. Then you can layer it up with luxury of plump pillows, and some quality bedding. Go for the highest thread count that you can afford; it will be worth it. You could consider some luxury bedding from Julian Charles, as well as gettingĀ and a feather down mattress (unless you have an allergy, of course).


Again; think of hotel rooms that you have been in. They are symmetrical and full of matching furniture. If you don’t currently have bedside tables, then it might be getting two that match; one for each side. Matching lamps for the bed side tables, or even having a light fixture attached to the walls on each side. The same goes for the cushions on the bed – are they all similar? It can help a lot to create a luxury feel.


If you want your room to look luxurious, then it won’t if it is full of clutter. I often think of my bedside table. So often is is filled with books, a magazine, my earrings, photo frame and my glasses case! Just a jumbled mess really. How long would it take me to out the book back on the bookshelf or pop the glasses case in my bedside table drawer? The less cluttered things are, the more expensive and luxurious it will look. It will also help the room to be a complete haven to relax in. It is hard to relax in a messy room (for me at least, anyway)!

Add Elegant Touches

I think that adding elegant touches to the room really helps to create a luxury feel. How about adding a few oriental lilies in a thin vase, or some pretty scented candles or even candlesticks? Little things like this won’t look cluttered, but will add sophistication and elegance to the room.

A lot of people skimp on the bedroom when it comes to decor, as it isn’t somewhere that guests or visitors will see. If you want to have a luxury environment to relax in, then it is certainly worth investing a little more. Hopefully it will give you a better night’s sleep too!


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