Updating Max’s Bedroom with Rattan Direct Storage

Because Chloe has a pretty small bedroom, the majority of the toys and playing goes on in Max’s room, if it doesn’t happen in the living room downstairs. It also seems that as they are getting a bit older, they seem to accumulate more and more, especially larger toys and items. I am pretty good and putting things that aren’t appropriate anymore into storage or donating it, but we still have a fair few things to get organised (and I like there to be a place for everything – too much on the floor stresses me out haha).

Max has a built-in wardrobe, but it is only a single size so is pretty small and only really has his clothes and a few bits and bobs in there. So some drawers for his games and puzzles was on our list of things to get. They were all stocked up before but that is never a good look, right? So Rattan Direct kindly sent us one of their pieces of rattan storage. I chose a six drawer chest of drawers, as it made it lower down. Then the top can be used for storage too, rather than a tall and single chest of drawers.

I liked that the furniture came in one piece! No flat-pack in sight! Which to me, shows that there is a certain quality to the furniture. It was protected well, though, with extra supports, so that there isn’t any problems with it getting damaged in the delivery process.

I like how easy to use the baskets are and how well made they are too. With the drawers being wooden, they could be quite rough to the touch. But they are smooth and move in and out of the drawers easily.

The drawers are pretty spacious and we can fit quite a lot in them. So it would work well for bedroom storage, but also in a hallway, conservatory, or living room. I like that the colours are quite neutral so work in the style of Max’s room. However, a lot of Max’s furniture is white, with the wooden top, so I think I may get some Annie Sloane chalk paint to paint the legs and frame of the storage unit, so that it does all blend in. But with it being real wood, rather than mdf, it makes it much easier  to sand and paint it if you want to.

The unit is on sale at the moment for £99. I think that this is pretty good value for what you might get elsewhere. It is more expensive than flat-pack storage, but for me, I do think that it is better quality, so think it would be more longer lasting. We haven’t had any problems with it so think that I would recommend it.

What do you think? Are you on the lookout for any new storage this summer? If you are, I think that Rattan Direct could be a good place to look, as they do furniture for a variety of areas in the house, including the garden.

Rebecca x*the furniture was gifted in exchange for the review. All opinions are my own.

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