Bedtime Stories to Inspire the Next Generation

Ever since Max started school, he has been keen to read everything in sight. He has always enjoyed bedtime stories before bed, but now we get an extra book each day that he gets to read to us. He likes to point out the signs that he can read when we’re out and about, for example, too. But as we get a lot of reading done, it can be hard to know what books to read next. They’ve got to be engaging but also creative and I think being inspiring is important too.

We were recently sent some books from Room to Grow from a stunning collection called ‘Little People, Big Dreams’. I had seen them on Amazon before and thought they were a fab idea, as it isn’t often you find an interesting and inspiring non-fiction book for little ones. My son and daughter both love story time each night, and I think that the collection is great as it shares the life and stories of some incredible women from history. They are so pretty too so I think that they would make a great gift too.



The likes of Marie Curie, Maya Angelou, and Amelia Earhart are among the titles. With the story of their life, and their impact on the world, put simply for children to read and understand. There are only a few lines on each page with some beautiful illustrations, so they are engaging and fun to read and then ask questions about. One thing I have learnt since Max started school was how much I should be asking him about the pictures and scenario, like ‘what would happen if’ type of thing. So these books are great to do that with and to get their take on things.


I like that both he and his sister can learn about some incredible female role models. They couldn’t believe that Marie Curie wasn’t allowed to go to University like her brother, just because she was a girl. I kind of forget that that is so new to them as it is just the norm now.



These books will be holding a firm place in our children’s bedtime routine. Get snuggled in bed and reading a fun but inspiring story to them is a real highlight for me. I want them to know that they can achieve big things and set goals, just like the women in these books. This special time just before bed is a time without any other distractions and allows us that time to talk about their day and what they like and dislike. So hopefully it sets them on a path to achieve anything that they want to.

Do you have a bedtime story routine with your little ones?

Rebecca x

*the books were gifted in exchange for this post, but all words and opinions are my own.

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