The Benefits of a Remote Control Hobby for Kids

Kids are observant and impressionable. It’s no surprise kids take interest in a hobby of older kids and adults, like flying drones. However, technically, there’s no actual age limit regarding particular models. Sure, parents need to ensure that their child is old enough to handle the moving parts, navigation, etc. But, there are some real benefits to drawing a child’s attention to drones. Here’s why kids using drones is a good thing.


Increased Responsibility

Some assume a child is too young for responsibilities, yet kids will surprise you. Most need an opportunity to show you that they can handle a bit of responsibility. If your child wants a drone, tell them they can have one but under a few conditions. They must take care of the drone, clean it, put it away neatly when not in use, etc. You can track their progress via a sticker chart so you can refer to it with them.

Potential Income

We’re not suggesting that you put your child to work, yet many younger adults and ‘kids’ are making money through the use of their drone and associated skills. Hotels, real estate agents, business owners, and others pay drone fliers big bucks to shoot promotional material destined for YouTube, websites, Facebook, etc. Additionally, it’s likely more job opportunities will be available as your child ages. Who knows – maybe your child will inspire you to retire early!

Acquired Hobbies

Parents hope kids will develop healthy habits and hobbies. Flying a drone may not require a lot of physical effort, yet being outdoors and getting fresh air is healthy. Plus, directing one’s attention to the skies could attract other interests such as bird watching. Moreover, hobbyists often get the ‘travel bug,’ as they grow excited to explore new places with their drone.

Bonding Time

Are you perplexed over how to spend time with your child? Voila! Get interested in flying drones too. Rather than your child flying their drone while you supervise, shift the dynamic of the situation and be more like one of their friends or another hobbyist enjoying the same experience. Who knows? You may find a lifelong hobby in drone flying. Thinking about getting your own drone? Check the DroneEnthusiast drones for sale list.

Learned Technology

There’s no escaping technology; parents who had to catch up and learn the basics of using a computer are well aware of this fact. Being comfortable with and using technology is going to be even more important in the future, so it’s beneficial for children to grow curious about products of such a technological age.

Unplugged Time

Today’s parents grow concerned about the time kids spend behind a screen. While yesterday’s parents were more concerned about television screens, today’s deal with kids behind desktops, laptops, smartphones, iPads, etc. While a drone is a piece of technology, it allows for kids to ‘unplug’ and be outside, and while they are working controls, they are paying attention to an actual reality rather than a virtual one.

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