Thinking of a Cruise This Year? Check Out These Top Five Cruise Destinations

If you love to travel, then you probably know why many people choose a cruise as a way to travel. Not only do you get to experience lots of different food and entertainment, but you get to relax and sunbathe like you would on other holidays. But the best thing of all is that you get to see some amazing things that you wouldn’t if you weren’t on a boat. As well as visiting a variety of places in such a short amount of time.

But if you are looking to go on a cruise, where will you choose as your destination? Here are some of the top five destinations, should you choose to cruise:


The Mediterranean

The best thing about a cruise around the med has got to be the weather, right? Plus, all of the amazing food and the top locations that you’d visit along the way. You’re more than likely to visit the exciting and stunning regions of the French Riviera, some Greek Islands, the Italian Ligurian Coast and the Spanish Costa del Sol. Due to it’s location, it can be quite tourist populated in the simmer months, as it is more than likely that it will stop at the most popular cities and towns for the day trips. Some thing like a Mediterranean Iglu Cruise would tell you where the planned stops are, though.

As it is Europe, the best times to travel would be summer (April – October).

Norwegian Fjords

This is on my bucket list, so it had to be on this list – it is a dream of mine! The idea of sailing inside massive, narrow and steep fjords just sounds magical to me. It is such a stunning area of the world and I think it would just be beautiful. As you can imagine, it gets pretty cold in those areas. So the worst times to go would be the coldest months, like November to March. The best months will be the summer months (June – August).

Hawaiian Islands

Hawaii is a paradise island to visit and sail around. Having said that, there isn’t too much to see in the area, other than the islands. They are very green and lush, with volcanos and large cliffs as the backdrops. It is also good to visit at pretty much any time of year. So if you are after some winter sun, it makes it a great option, especially compared to the two options above. If you are joining from mainland US, then it is quite far by boat. You might want to look into flying to one of the Hawaiian islands and joining the cruise from there.



The Caribbean is full of small islands that are all pretty close together. So if you’re not sure where to pick for a trip out of Barbados, St. Kitts or St. Lucia, a cruise is a good way to see them all. All of the islands are gorgeous (the ones I’ve been to anyway) but they do all slightly differ. My brother lived in the Caribbean for two years and found hem all to be quite different. He spent quite a lot of time on the French speaking islands too.

The Caribbean is warm all year round, but it best in our winter. Though it is hot in our summer months, you are more likely to experience storms. Which is probably not something you want to experience when at sea.

Baltic Sea

A cruise on the Baltic sea sounds really appealing to me. You get to visit such a smorgasbord of Scandinavian cities that I have always wanted to go to. Think if the likes of Copenhagen, Helsinki, and Stockholm, for example. Plus places like St. Petersburg white possibly. As with a cruise on the Norwegian fjords, you don’t want to visit during the cooler months. So our summer is the best time to visit.

Have you ever been on a cruise?  If so, where would you go? Would love to hear!



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