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The fabulous autumn weather brings about seasonal changes like cooler temperatures, leaves changing colors, and the entrance to the holiday season. While many plants prefer warmer temperatures there are many autumn plants that thrive in cooler temperatures. Plant any of these gorgeous plants that will enhance your home and yard’s appearance.

Autumn Flowers

They offer simple, natural beauty wherever they grow; flowers are always an uplifting plant selection. These flower varieties can be planted in-ground or be potted.


This gorgeous flower variety offer plentiful autumn blooms. They are available in white, orange, pink, and yellow. Begonias prefer to be in a partially shaded area and should not be overwatered.

Nerine Bowdenii

These flowers are tall, colorful, and a magnificent addition to any home. They bloom from September until November with vibrant colors. Plant nerine bowdenii in clumps with about 10cm spacing in between each plant in an area that drains well.


Perfectly white and pristine, snowdrops enjoy the northern climates and can’t handle the heat from the south. Plant them in the shade for best results. Snowdrops are a beautiful flower that will stay green far beyond other varieties during the cold seasons.

Autumn Vegetables

Many people aren’t aware that some vegetables can be planted and harvest in autumn. One of the great aspects of these plants is their short time between seeding and harvesting. Another benefit is fresh vegetables from a home garden for a larger part of the year rather than only in the warm months.

Baby Carrots

These require only about 60 days from planting to harvest. Carrots can withstand frost and are easy to grow. Harvest when color begins to show through the ground.

Green Onions

This tasty vegetable is good for beginners. Green onions can last until the first hard frost. Plant an inch apart and harvest when they reach 6″.


This leafy vegetable matures quickly and requires little maintenance. They need to be spaced several inches apart.

Container Plants

Potted plants spruce up the porch, driveway, mailbox, and any other area that lacks visual appeal. They are simple to plant and maintain. Even better, when the hard frosts arrive the potted plants can easily be moved inside and survive the cruel winter temperatures.

Lamb’s Ear

Best known for soft, fuzzy leaves, this plant prefers full sun exposure. Water at the roots for best results.


Part sun and part shade is the best location for oxalis. These beautiful flowers are low maintenance and eye-catching with a variety of colors.


This herb grows very well in containers. Keep out of direct sun and bring indoors when the first frost arrives.

Planning for Spring

It may seem odd to think about spring when autumn has only just begun, but the cool crisp temperatures make it the ideal time to plant with next year in mind. Several plants prefer the drier soil and dislike heat or humidity. Some plant food might be needed for healthier growth. A little bit of effort in the autumn leads to bountiful spring blooms with no future energy required.

Flower Bulbs: Plant in well-drained soil in the autumn for effortless spring blooms.

Grass: Fill in patches or cover bare areas with grass seed and fertilizer for a better lawn next year.

Trees: Trees can take root better over the course of the winter.


An existing herb or flower garden can be made to last longer if they are transplanted from the ground to a pot. Herbs, in particular, do well inside by a sunny window. When performing this task be sure to carefully free all of the rootballs to give the plant the best chance for success.

Get the most out of autumn weather by doing seasonal gardening. There are many wonderful plant options that do well in cooler temperatures. Flowers, vegetables, container plants, and spring planting are choices for autumn planting. Don’t give up on existing herbs or flowers, instead transplant them and bring them inside for the winter months.


Andrew is a DIYer and founder of Simply Home Tips. He likes to share his experience through detailed guidelines and pictures on home improvement, gardening, DIY projects, around-the-house fixing, woodworking, etc.

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