Best Restaurants in New York In 2018

New York is the business hub of North America and one of the largest cities in the world. The city is large and you can spend a lifetime without exhausting the city’s vastness. New York attracts many people for its monuments, museums and lately its food variety. When it comes to matters of food, New York has it all. “If it is not in New York, it is not there at all” is what people say about New York.

Considering New York is a multi-cultural city, you can expect to find all the food you are thinking off from Chinese cuisine to Caribbean delicacies to African dishes. There is really nothing missing. Talking of the best restaurants in New York, there are hundreds of world renowned eating places in New York and choosing the best one was a tough one. Renting a car in New York, You can arrive following as the most outstanding restaurants New York had to offer in 2018.

  • Le Coucou

This restaurant is my favorite and thousands of other New York residents. The French restaurant has all the class and taste that you will desire in a top restaurant. The design itself is eye-catching with vintage furniture and classic chandeliers which makes this restaurant a gem in the heart of New York. The restaurant was a project of world renowned chef Daniel Rose and he brings the elegance French cuisine right to you in New York.

The main items on the menu include lobster, rabbit, duck and foie grass. This is the best place to have rabbit and you won’t regret being here.

  • Atlas

If you are into Mexican food, Atlas is the place for you. The breakfast meal restaurant is known for its quality coffee and juice that it offers to its customers. Based in the heart of New York city, Atlas is the spot for those who want the best coffee experience in New York. It is masterminded by the iconic chef Enrique Olivera and it is a must stop for any New Yorker or visitor. You have to try out their Brussel sprout tacos or the coffee and you will agree with what I am saying.

  • Ping Seafood

The elegance and unique taste of Chinese delicacies is right in Chinatown. Ping Seafood is the ultimate Cantonese seafood stop for every lover of delicious seafood. In this restaurant, fish is plucked from the upfront giving you a first-hand sight of how your food is being prepared. Whether you are a local or a tourist looking for some fresh seafood experience, Ping Seafood restaurant is the must visit restaurant when you are in New York and you will have an experience to narrate.

  • Shuko

We all love Sushi (most of us). Shuko restaurant is the top restaurant in New York offering Sushi and Kaiseki meals. The Sushi is delicious and what is more astonishing is that you are served right there at the kitchen where you get to see how your meal is being prepared by top chefs. They offer the most loved Japanese cuisine dishes and all you have to do is sit back, order and enjoy the treat.

  • Katz Delicatessen

Katz Delicatessen has been around for more than a century and that is why they offer one of the best dining experiences you will ever have. The Jewish restaurant has the best delicacies for the Jews and the non-Jews to enjoy. Located at 205 East Houston Street, the restaurant offers the best pastrami, corned beef and salami in New York City. If you are around Manhattan and you want to have a bite to the best hot dog you can get, visit Katz Delicatessen and you won’t regret a thing.

  • Balthazar

Balthazar opened in 1997 and has offered New Yorkers the best French cuisine experience. The French restaurant has exquisite dishes and it has one of the best bakeries in and around New York. There is no shortage of Traditional French cuisine and everything French from breakfast to supper is on the menu.  Located at 80 Spring New York, the restaurant has an attractive menu with Duck Shepherd Pie, Roasted Chicken and Steak Fries. It also offers sea food with shellfish and raw oyster the favorite among diners.

  • Hanoi House

Hanoi House is a Vietnamese restaurant located in 119 St Marks. It is well known for its exquisite Vietnamese dishes and most notably legendary chef John Nguyen although he left recently. The service is top notch and the dining experience is one you will not regret. You will have the best Vietnamese broth, rice and beef floating in this restaurant. Although Chef Nguyen has been the main catalyst for the tasty meals the restaurant is offering, it remains one of the best dining places in New York. Make sure to take a visit whenever you are in New York.



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