Best Solo Holiday Destinations

Going on holiday alone is more popular than ever. People travel solo for many reasons – whether you have a strong appetite for travel or you simply need a healing break from the world, solo holidays are a unique experience you simply must try.

Here are 7 of the best solo holiday destinations: 


Iceland is an outdoorsy person’s dream and it has been ranked as the safest country in the world so you can put your worries aside. Iceland is delightfully small and intimate and almost everyone speaks English. For your first solo holiday, an Icelandic adventure could be the change of scenery you’re looking for. As well as its awe-inspiring landscapes and famous Northern lights, there are lots of really fun and unique things to do.

Until you’ve actually been to Iceland, you won’t fully appreciate the statement, ‘It’s like being in another world’ – and I think this is why so many people want to experience it, because it’s so different.


Whether you’d prefer mountaineering in southern Norway, or chasing the Northern Lights along the Arctic ridge, Norway is a cool paradise – and very close to home. If you need to escape the day-to-day routine, Norway is a great option for calming the mind. It’s popular among mountain hikers and lovers of expedition – Norway is the ideal place for solitary adventurers.


Croatia is becoming ever more popular as a European beach paradise. Its affordable prices and unspoilt islands make Croatia perfect for seeking out some sunshine solo. If you’re looking for breathtaking turquoise seas and golden sand in a singles-friendly location, Croatian island hopping could be the perfect choice this summer.


When you’re ready to go further, Vietnam is a solo travel paradise. Flying into the bustling city of Hanoi, you’ll be able to explore temples, mausoleums and taste delicious Asian food.


Thailand is beautiful, affordable, easy to travel through, friendly and full of other travelers, making it a great destination for your first solo holiday. Full of hidden gems, incredible food and with a great sense of culture, you won’t be disappointed with what Thailand has to offer.

St Lucia

Saint Lucia is a go-to escape destination. A peaceful paradise where you can do as little as you like – you can snorkel with tropical fish or spend all your time on the beach buried in a good book.

New Zealand

Solo travel in New Zealand is easy! The country is a perfect solo travel destination and is great for the first-timer. The landscapes are stunning and there is plenty to do; If you love the outdoors and adventure sports then this country is for you. People are down to earth and friendly – you won’t want to come home!

A solo holiday has never looked so tempting. You could find yourself meditating on a mountainside, doing hot yoga on the beach, being pampered with a massage or having an adventure at sea. A solo holiday is the ultimate retreat and opportunity for some ‘me time’.

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