Best Ways to Organise a Dignified Memorial

It can, of course, be a hard thing to organise a dignified memorial after such a tragic time. Getting things such as the day and place is tricky. But you can make it special with photos, videos and other items for a great service. With these tips, it shouldn’t be too challenging.

Make an Outline of the Event

Despite the tragedy, a memorial is pretty much like any other life event, such as a marriage, birthday or retirement, in that it is an occasion. And the way you ensure a suitable occasion is by planning what you need to do. Even a simple outline can be a massive help. And your chosen funeral parlor can assist you with filling in the fine details. You can also use the outline to inform people of what to expect and include it in official materials such as the programme.

Choose a Suitable Place

There are many places you can choose for a memorial service. Traditionally these are held at a crematorium, a religious place of worship or at the graveside. It helps to fulfil the wishes of the person you lost if they specified anything. If not, try to consider what they would have wanted. Would they have wanted a church service, having not been religious? This can also help alleviate any tensions within the family, and it can help to get input on where to hold the service.

Organise a Dignified Memorial with Invites

People need to know the details of the memorial service you are holding. Like any other occasion, invitations are the best way of doing this. Invitations can be traditionally printed or digital these days. Digital invitations are more likely to be seen over social media or in emails. But whatever you choose, ensure your invitations detail the location, date and time of the service. And include directions if the location of the memorial is a little off the beaten path. 

Gather Any Necessary Photos and Videos

Some memorial services have a theme. The most common is the celebration of the life of the decedent. Some of the most touching ways to do this are to simply pass around or display loving memory photos or project videos of happier times. It is also common to adorn the memorial service or even the coffin with mementoes from the person’s life, such as sports memorabilia and things from their favourite hobby. Of course, music is always a big decision.

Allow People to Speak if They Want To

In most cases, it helps to appoint someone to lead a service. Often this is a member of the funeral company, a religious leader, or a senior family member. But when the service is near its end, you might want to offer family members or friends to speak if they wish. Yet, because of the emotions of the day, it is advisable to never force someone to address the attendees. Speaking should always be optional to avoid emotions becoming too heightened at the service.


To organise a dignified memorial service, there are some crucial elements. It helps to make a plan for the event, invite attendees with details of the service and appoint a speaker for it.

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