Feeling Better Already: Simple Lifestyle Changes that Stick

At some point in life, everyone gets stuck in a rut. Maybe your job isn’t as exciting as it used to be or you can’t seem to view your spouse the way you did when you first met. Maybe you’re just tired of the same old routine. However, this doesn’t mean that drastic changes to your life are necessarily in order. Here are some simple lifestyle changes that can make a world of difference.

Wake Up Earlier

You’d be surprised how differently things appear when you start waking up earlier. If you’re in the habit of rushing through your morning routine, even an extra half-hour would do you some good. Waking up earlier rewards you with a victory right away, before the demands of the workday begin chipping away at your resolve. You can use this time to slow down your routine and get off to a better start. You can also use it to carve out additional time for reading, exercise or meditation.

Drink Water Upon Waking

If you’re wondering why you lack so much energy in the morning, consider that you slept for several hours without consuming any water. Essentially, you are dehydrated and the lethargy is a symptom of that. Some experts recommend drinking up to 6 glasses of water immediately upon waking. While that may seem like a lot, consider that your body is actually made up of 70 percent water and what you’re actually doing is feeding your cells.

Exercise Before Breakfast

Once you’ve had some water, exercising before breakfast is another great way to jump-start your day. Your body is in a fasting state until you feed it, which is why you’ll burn more calories and fat exercising before breakfast than you would later in the day. You’ll also find that once you have exercised vigorously, other activities that you usually struggle with (such as climbing stairs) tend to get easier.

Take a Cold Shower

Nothing gets you out of your comfort zone quite like a cold shower. Let’s face it, taking a warm shower first thing in the morning might feel good, but it does little to invigorate the body. Cold showers help strengthen the immune system, improve circulation and speed up the metabolism. If you find them difficult at first, start out with a warm shower and gradually turn down the hot water. The goal should be to run nothing but cold water for at least the final three minutes of your shower.

Take the Stairs

Sometimes your schedule might make it difficult to squeeze in time for a workout. However, that’s no reason to give up exercising. If you’re used to taking the elevator at work, start taking the stairs. Stair climbing is one of the best ways to add physical exercise to your day without sacrificing the extra time. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you begin getting stronger and losing weight, which will do wonders for your health and leave you feeling quite good about yourself.

Challenge Yourself

You may find that all you need to feel better is to find ways to challenge yourself. This can be as simple as starting a new exercise program or as complex as studying for a new career. For some people, learning a musical instrument does wonders, especially because of the associated cognitive benefits. If your financial situation isn’t how you’d like it to be, fixing your credit might be a great start. Sites like this one can provide you with more information on how to fix your credit.

While it is possible that you may be overdue for some more serious changes, it’s best not to jump the gun. Try employing these simple tips in your daily life and see if they help you to feel better. At the very least, your state of mind will have improved some and you’ll be more prepared to make wise decisions regarding your future.

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