Big Ideas for Small Spaces

In an ideal world, we would all be fortunate enough to live in spacious apartments or houses, where we were free to decorate each and every room with as many beautiful pieces of furniture as we liked. However, as this is not the case for the majority of us, it helps to have a few handy hints when it comes to making the most of the space you do have, instead of the spaces you keep dreaming about.

The key to utilising space is to opt for multi-functional furniture that be used to store or display items as well as act as another piece of furniture. Take a look at some of my ideas for inspiration and discover just how easy it can be to create an inviting, uncluttered home out of your tiny living space.


Sliding doors are a great way to maximise space in smaller apartments as conventional doors can often cause an obstruction and are even at risk at banging into each other when opened at the wrong moment.

Buy chairs that also offer storage. It’s great if you can purchase chairs that can store items relevant to the room in which they are situated. For example, instead of regular dining table chairs, get stools with interior storage and hide napkins, candles and table cloths in them. Sofas with hidden compartments can be used for all sorts, including shoes, books, throws – whatever you fancy.

The bedroom is always a tricky one when you want to work with the room’s limited space, but by buying an Ottoman bed, like the ones found at Bedstar, you can minimise the clutter and store your clothes easily in a bed that offers easy access, whenever you need it. If you are fine for storage but need somewhere to put the television, why out Bedstar’s range of TV beds? As the name suggests, these beds store a television which can be hidden or revealed in a storage compartment at the click of a button. I think this is a great idea for those cosy film nights in bed.

Done right, curtain partitions can look exceptionally chic. Simply attach curtain poles to the ceiling around your bed and drape curtains to separate the sleeping area from the rest of the apartment in a studio flat. Alternatively, if you want to give the impression of different rooms, use curtains to separate the kitchen from the dining area in a kitchen diner. Not only do curtains used in this way serve to create the illusion of separate rooms in a studio, but they are also great for keeping light out and heat in when needs be.

I’ve just discovered ceiling clothing racks and can’t believe I didn’t think of this idea before. I you don’t have room for a wardrobe, utilise the ceiling space by hanging a clothing rack in the corner of the room, elevated so the floor space remains free.

If you have any space-saving ideas, it would be great to hear them.


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  • When I first started my new business I had to work from my bedsit which was very tiny and even tinier with my office as well. One day I was speaking to a salesman friend of mine and he said that as I had so little horizontal space I should make more use of the available vertical space. It had not occurred to me that walls, doors and my divider screens could be used that way.

    I started looking around and was surprised how many different ways you could gain extra space.

    I first started with a pinboard on the back of the door, this quickly tidied up all the loose but important bits of paper, then I put a drywipe board under that and “YEY” the mess was starting to clear. Then my salesman friend told me of a system board for the wall which would take letter trays pencil pots and a hole array of other fittings, this proved a big boon.

    Not only did I get more room in my tiny bedsit but I learnt a valuable lesson very early on, the need to be organised in my business which was a great lesson learnt.