Anniversary Celebrations at Bird of Smithfield London | Review

When we got married nine years ago, I’m not sure why we thought getting married on 2nd January was a good idea. I mean, it was a Friday, and with the Thursday being New Year’s Day, most people had the Friday off work too. So at the time, it seemed like a good plan. But when we have had our anniversary since, it has always felt rather rushed as it is just after such a busy festive period and it can be tricky to get a babysitter.

Which is why this year, we celebrated a week late to spread things out a little bit. So last week, I met the husband after work and we went out for dinner at Bird of Smithfield, right by Smithfield Market and City Thameslink station. It is really close to why my husband works so it was a good location right from the start (not too far from St. Paul’s Cathedral and that shopping area).

The first thing that struck us was the decor; it is really striking and modern looking. The exterior itself is stunning with the lit walls and the contrast of dark and light. Plus, the building is pretty spacious as it caters for lots of different things. There is a basement floor for parties and dancing, the bar on the ground floor, the dining restaurant on the first floor, and then private dining on the second floor, and a terrace for warmer times. So much versatility.

The restaurant itself was fairly small, seating 52 if I remember righty. But it is well decorated, modern, and stylish. I like how it was all set out, and the fact that it was a little smaller meant that the service was exceptional as they waiting staff can see what is going on easily – even our water glasses would get refilled as soon as we had finished what was in the glass!

But on to the food, right?

While we ordered our mains and drinks, we were given warm homemade sour dough with salted butter and seaweed butter, which was a really nice touch. Then we ordered off the new set menu which can either be two courses (£21) or three courses (£25), so you may as well get the three courses, duh.

The choices for the starters were:

  • Salad of Baked Heritage Beetroot
  • Rillette of Salmon

The Mains were:

  • Pumpkin Agnolotti
  • Breast of Guinea Fowl

The Dessert choices were:

  • Chocolate Brownie Sundae
  • Vanilla Baked Cheesecake

So as you can see, the choices on the set menu are a little limited, though they do cater for different dietary requirements, such as vegetarian or if you needed it dairy-free. But were they good choices on the menu? They say that opposites attract but my husband and I naturally chose the complete opposite dish to each other, so without planning it, we got to try everything on the menu.

There were no complaints and we were both very pleased with out dishes of choice.

The portion sizes were just right, and for the quality of the food from head chef Tommy Boland, it is pretty much a bargain price to get it all for £25. I think that is completely reasonable, especially for the amount that you get, and the quality and standard of what you get it. The food really was incredible.

I think that the locations for tourists isn’t ideal, as it may not be a place that you would normally go to. However, for locals, it is a great spot to eat that will be a little quieter than your ‘typical’ tourist areas. As I have mentioned the service was exceptional; so pleased with it. The staff were amazing. So combined with that and the food, I couldn’t hesitate to recommend it to you. I’d love to visit again, that’s for sure.

Have you ever heard of Bird of Smithfield? This is their new set menu for January, but there are other menu options available. Would love to hear what you think.

*we dined as guest of Bird of Smithfield. However, all opinions and words are our own.

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