Birthday and Bear Lake…

Happy Birthday to my Hubby!

Mike had his 24th birthday a few days ago and as he was working on his actual birthday, and we were down in Provo for BYU Education Week, we decided we would go to Bear Lake at the weekend to properly celebrate his birthday. We hired a jet-ski (something I had never done before which I loved!) and were cruising aroud the lake for two hours. I had a few close shaves nearly falling off into the lake but super-cool Mike had no problems! We then were sunbathing and relaxing on the beach area. It was lots of fun and needless to say we are both rather sun-burnt!

On Mike’s actaul birthday we went to Brick Oven Restaurant in Provo for dinner with Megan, Rachel, my mum and the McKeens, as we had all been down in Provo for Education week (something I highly recommend if you have the opportunity to attend- learnt so much)!

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