Bring on the Cold with Blacks | Berghaus Hydrodown Coat Review

It’s suddenly became freezing, hasn’t it?! Proper, proper cold. From being pretty mild in September and October, to now having the heating on full blast and defrosting the car each morning. Where did that come from? Have you been wrapping up warm with a new winter coat?

I feel the cold the most on a morning. When the heating is on, I’ve crawled out of a warm bed and been running around get myself and the kids ready. When I look out the window it can be quite deceiving. The sun has been shining quite a lot, and I’ve made the mistake of thinking that it isn’t that cold out. I always put the kids in their winter coats, but sometime I have just gone out in a cardigan. And instantly regretted it. Think I am still in denial that it isn’t actually summer anymore?!


The lovely people at Blacks have sent me over this blue Berghaus Hydrodown coat to keep me warm on the school run. It is where I will wear a winter coat the most, as it is the coldest part of the day. First of all, I am mega impressed by how lightweight the jacket is! To say it has been keeping me toasty warm, there doesn’t seem to be much to it. So the down inside is obviously quite lightweight, but does the job. It makes it feel like you’re not even wearing a coat.



I love the stretchyness of the jacket too. When it is cold, the chances of you having a jumper or thick top on underneath are quite high. So it accommodates for that which is lovely. Makes the coat really comfortable to wear. The hood is large enough even for my massive head, so it covers you up when it is raining too. The zip is easy to use and the two side pockets have zips too. I always have my phone and keys on me so it is fab that they can be securely zipped in the pocket and no chance of them falling out.



Blacks have a huge range of coats suitable for other school run mums that are looking to keep warm, with great brands like Berghaus and The North Face. This coat has kept me really, really warm. I don’t want to take it off when I get home! The price might put some people off as it is over £100. But for a long lasting, well made coat, that really does keep you warm, I think it is worth it. You would wear it all winter for several years, so would get your money’s worth for sure.

Have you ever shopped there before? I would really recommend it! Where do you wear your winter coat?


*the coast was gifted in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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