My Fave Etsy Stores

I don’t use Etsy all that often, I am a bit of an eBay queen, but when I have used Etsy there are a few stores that I thought were brilliant. If you’re looking for something a bit more unique as a gift, they are definitely the places to go.

The Carbon Crusader : This is a US based store so you need to take into account shipping costs but it sells all sorts but mainly custom engraved pencils and badges, of all descriptions. Now, before you switch off, let me show you what I bought from the store…


Such amazing ‘Mean Girls’ notepad and pencils. I picked some phrases that were already available but you can customise and make your own. I’m giving this to my sister for her birthday as it is perfect for her. Definitely recommend The Carbon Crusader!

Fizzy Peaches : Lyndsay is a blogger that I have been following for a while so when she opened an Etsy store I loved browsing through her handmade crochet items. They are so intricate and pretty and would recommend, again, for gifts.


Angela’s Cute Crafts : I got a handmade red remembrance poppy from this store back in November and couldn’t recommend enough. All homemade crafts with a range for Christmas and other occasions.


Shameless plug now, but I’ve got to tell you all about my Etsy store. I haven’t really promoted that much but there are a few things that I like to make including birth announcement prints and some organic lotions. You can customise the words you want on your birth announcement print, as well as the colours and the frame. They are mega cute and look great in a nursery room. They would make a lovely gift for a new family member / Godchild etc.

You can visit my store, AAUBlog, HERE.


Do you use Etsy much? Let me know your favourite stores!

Rebecca x

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