Blogging Goals for 2016

I haven’t particularly set myself many personal goals this year. There is the standard weight loss and being healthier and I do plan to stick to that. I joined a gym last month as I had been working out at home or going running. I decided that I needed a bit of ‘me’ time away from home, so the gym was calling to me. It is a newly built one so it is lovely and I’ve been really enjoying it so far. I just need to brave stepping on the scales to see if it is actually making a difference.

I want to save some money too and have used a printable I found over on Oh So Amelia. I’m only 11 days in but it has been working for me so far 😉

I have got several blogging goals and things that I want to achieve so I thought I would write them down. then I can check back and see how many I was actually able to achieve.


  • Update my media pack – since having a little blog redesign this hasn’t been updated. my stats need to be updated too.
  • Vlog – I have a YouTube channel set up and I started using it more and more at the end of last year. I would love to do more with it this year and get some more subscribers.
  • Work on Pinterest – this has been the social media channel I haven’t put much thought into. I need to make sure every blog post has ‘pinnable’ images too.
  • Attend BritMums Live in June – I would love to find a sponsor for it but I do plan to go anyway. I went to my fist conference, BlogFest, in November and I loved it!
  • Improve My Photography – really need to look into this! Hopefully there is a course I could attend. Lots of practice, practice, practice!


  • Say No More – this is particularly for things like reviews. I think if I don’t really want it, I need to say no. Reviews can take up a lot of time and I get requests for them a lot.
  • Work on SEO – I was quite clueless about this until recently. I have downloaded the Yoast plugin that has been really interesting. I will continue to use that, improve my posts and tags and work on removing bad back links.
  • Increase my Following – I have a little over 11k across social media now and I would love to get to 20k by the end of the year. Is this even possible?! We’ll see!
  • Get Organised – I need to get a spreadsheet together of Brands and PRs that I have worked with. I then need it get brave and get in touch with them to see if there are new projects that I might be suitable for. I’d love to be able to be on a full-time-ish wage from blogging.
  • Comment More – it seems that I only have time to comment on other blogs when I’m involved in linkys. While I enjoy links and will carry on doing them, I need to do it more spontaneously too.
  • Set a Work Schedule – I really need set times when I allow myself to do work and set times when I don’t do any. I feel like i’m glued to phone somedays, and not in a good way! I got a new planner for Christmas, so I plan to plan my weeks out in that, every Sunday evening.

That is quite a potted version of what I’m aiming for, but we will see how it all goes. What are your goals for the year, blogging or otherwise?


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