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Advert: Blume Baby Pop were sent to us in exchange for this review.

To tie in with the UK launch of Blume Baby Pop, we have been sent a set of theirs to try out, and see what Blume Baby Pop is all about. I have seen their large Blume Dolls in stores before, how the grow out of a plant pot, but not the new Baby Pop, so we were looking forward to seeing what they were all about, and if they are worth the money.

Blume Baby Pop are the cutest little babies grown in sprouts, that you twist and ‘pop’ out of the plant pot and see what you have inside. There are up to 50 babies to collect, and in each set, you get 25 surprises. There are five sprouts, and are guaranteed to get at least three babies in each set, with accessories in the others. We got four babies, and one spout full of little accessories like bottles and food.

With 30 super cute babies to collect, including 15 rare babies and 5 super rare, there won’t be any disappointment. Chloe was very pleased find two rare babies in our set, and you also get a collector sheet and a bingo card to mark off what you have, and what you could collect later down the line. Each baby also comes with a set expression, so you could get a curious baby, a happy baby, a dreamy baby, a crying baby, a poopy baby, or a wink baby. It is just a small element that makes it really fun. Chloe got a lot of enjoyment out of seeing what they are all about and which face each of our for babies had.

Gifts and Nursery

Getting a new baby means baby showers and getting gifts, right? Inside each playset, you also get a baby shower gift to use in the nursery (the bottom of the pot comes off to reveal a super cute nursery – ours was unicorn themed, but there are a few options). We go the stroller, but you could get a bouncer seas, a car seat, a highchair or a swing. You also get stickers in the pack too, to use elsewhere, or to decorate the nursery with.

Gender reveal

A really fun element to this, to make the play last even longer, is the gender reveal of the babies. They come in nappies when you take their swaddle cocoon off, and then you just dip them in some ice cold water to see if they are a boy or a girl. We got three girls and one boy – the nappy goes blue for boy and pink for girl.

Swimming pool

I sometimes think with this kind of toy that there is a lot of unnecessary packaging, but in this instance, it has all been thought through. The clear lid turns upside down, and you can attach a slide for it to become their swimming pool. Just a turn the lid upside down and fill with water, and there you go. Another fun element that is great for being out in the sunshine with. Chloe enjoyed this a lot.

Our Review

Overall I am really impressed with Blume Baby Pop playset, as there is a lot that comes with it, so for £14.99 it really is a bit of a bargain. It has been hours of play for Chloe, and the surprises just kept coming. The babies can go back in their sprouts and you can keep the ‘pops’ coming, if need be.

I also like that there is very little waste with this, as everything that it comes with, can be used as a fun element as part of play. This is a really positive thing for me, and you could go one step further like we have, and turned the planter that the babies came in, into an actual planter. We filled it with dirt and planted some seeds to grow cress in. So much fun!

I am impressed with the toy, and so is Chloe. I think the price point is great, and I would buy this myself. You can buy a Blume Baby Pop set at Smyths, Very, and Amazon – RR£14.99.

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