Board Game Review: Pass the Bomb – The Big One!

If lockdown hasn’t been a time to play lots of games with the children, then I don’t know when would be! We have had more time together as a family, because we’re not rushing off to different lessons, classes, and other things that used to fill our time.

We have been trying out one of Gibsons Games newest additions, which is Pass the Bomb – The Big One. As the name suggests, there is was an original Pass the Bomb, but they now have the vibrant and rather snazzy ‘The Big One’ version.

The game states that it is suitable for 2 people to play, up to 8 people to play, so great for families over the summer. The age that is stated as being ideal is for players aged 8 and over. We have an 8 year old and a 6 year old, and although there were some elements that were a little trickier for her, she did manage to get on well with it. I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone younger than that though, as some of the word challenges are a little tricky.

The game is all about using your brain power and testing your skills, as there are a number of challenges that you all have to take turns to do, and then keep doing, before the bomb explodes. It is similar to some games I have played before in some ways, but equally, completely unique in others.

The element of having the bomb (that requires batteries) is really unique, and adds a level of pressure to the games, which results in some panicking in some cases, and then giving some silly answers as a result! It has been a lot of fun to play.

You roll the die, activate the time-bomb, and find out which task you have to do. You complete it, as quick as you can, and then pass the challenge to the next player and so on. The time length on the bomb completely varies, so you never know when it will mean that the time is up. When it is, the person who is having the turn at the challenge, has to move closer to the big bomb in the middle of the board. The first person to get there, is the loser. It is a game that is action-packed, a little frantic, and just a lot of fun for families.

The Challenges

  • Rhyme Artist tests rhyming abilities with some obscure words
  • Word Acrobat is all about thinking of words containing certain letters
  • Category Captain challenges you to think of things related to their size
  • Puzzle Pro is to put a small puzzle together as fast as you can
  • Bounce Boss, pushing dexterity to the limit

Priced at £22, I think that this is a really reusable price for a big family board game. Much like Cranium and similar games of the past, it is a game that you can keep playing, and will stand the test of time when children get older. These kinds of challenges are always going to be a challenge and cause you to use your brain, no matter how old you are! So from that point of view you do get your value for money. It would work well as a gift for a family too.

Have you ever played this before? It would be great to hear what you think.

*the games was gifted in exchange for review. All words and opinions are my own.

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