The Beauty Benefits of Essential Oils

Lately I am hearing more and more about essential oils, and naturally, I was curious to try them. We have tried a variety in our house and I have been impressed by the range of essential oils available, as well as the many uses they have.

I love that you can diffuse them and use them aromatically. I’m a big fan of scented things, particularly like candles, but like that essential oils are a natural alternative. They last for a long time too as you only need a few drops each time.

I have used them for medicinal purposes, for fighting off colds particularly, and for cleaning around the house. I don’t have a way to test just how efficient they are at killing germs (that would need to be in a science lab or something) but from what I’ve read, they are great at getting straight through and killing germs. It makes the house smell great anyway.

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It got me thinking though, what beauty benefits do they have? I should surely be using them for the that too, right? Quite seasonally, I know that frankincense is good for skin as is melaluca (tea tree). I have recently been using the Body Shop’s Spa of the World Range for massaging into skin. In particular I have been using French Lavender and Thai Lemongrass and I love them. It must sound like I’m obsessed with smells, but they smell so good! The lemongrass one is my favourite, really reminds me of being in Thailand, funnily enough 😉

Thai Lemongrass Oil:

  • scent is known to boost vitality and awaken senses
  • this oils is great to use when you want your body and mind to feel instantly re-energised
  • is great to use as a natural skin toner
  • soothes aching muscles
  • can be combined with melaluca and rubbed on nails to clean and strengthen

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French Lavender Oil:

  • known for being relaxing and has been used to help people sleep for years
  • I’ve been using this oil when I just need to calm down quickly and to relax
  • It helps regenerate skin cells so is great for older skin, sun spots, and scarring
  • a great oil for all skin types
  • massaging into scalp can help with hair loss and headaches

These oils are already in a carrier oil, but if you have essential oils ‘neat’, it is usually best to put a few drops in a carrier oil (such as de-fractionated coconut oil or other cold pressed oils), before rubbing onto skin. This instantly makes any ‘neat’ oils into a massage oil.

Have you ever used essential oils? If so, which is your favourite?

Rebecca x

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