#BoostBuddies Update: Week 5 of XLS-Nutrition Shakes

Another week has zoomed on by, the time is flying so fast. It will be the six week summer holidays before I know it. The original thought of having to be taking these XLS-Nutrition shakes for eight weeks seemed like such a long time. But it is honestly flying by. I think it shows how easily they have fit into my lifestyle, and that I am enjoying having them as part of my routine. I am pretty sure it would feel like much more of a drag if they tasted horrible.

Weight Loss This Week

So far, in the first four weeks, I am down 9lbs, which I am really pleased with. And this week’s weight loss? Nothing, unfortunately. I didn’t gain any weight, though, so that has got to be a good thing; I stayed completely the same.

Though that is a little disheartening, I kind of can see why there wasn’t any change. I had a megs buy week with work stuff and social life, so I really just didn’t have chance to exercise. I felt extra exhausted for some reason too, and had a few late nights. So I didn’t exercise, other than some walking here and there. So I know that will have played a part. My husband and I did go away the the Cotswolds last weekend and we had a three course meal in the evening, and breakfast at the hotel the next morning too. So while I did take my shakes with me, there was a big focus on food that weekend. I think that and a lack of exercise could have played a part. So glad I didn’t put any back on though.

Highlights of the Week

As has been said, it was a busy old week, so not anything to write home about. I think taking the shakes with me when we went away for the weekend was a good thing. When I’ve been at home and having the shakes for breakfast or for lunch, I have use d a few different recipes, so those have been fun to mix up the meals a little bit. I have tried the shakes with almond milk too.

I have noticed how much more under control my appetite is now. I used to feel quite hungry and feel like I was constantly snacking. But I really don’t even feel the need to snack. A combo of high in protein shakes and being busy has been a good combo for me. This has been a good thing for me and feel that when I stop using the shakes, I’ll be more in control of how much I eat – it has broken the habit for sure.

Challenges This Week

The main challenges this week have been lack of spare time and not managing my time that well. I certainly need to make my exercise more of a priority over other things, especially if I want to see a significant difference. So that will be a focus for the week going forward.

Looking Forward

So, this week, what have I got to look forward to? I am looking forward to:

  • The Royal Wedding
  • Getting my gym kit – I have ordered some new running shoes and running gear, so I am looking forward to getting out running
  • Packing for holiday – we leave for a trip away in week 6 of the plan, so I’ll be looking for ways to be more active when we’re away and make sure I’m still using the shakes.

So here is to week six! If you’re new and want to see more about the shakes or how the weeks have gone, then my previous posts are here:

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*I have been gifted the shakes to try them out, with full support along the way, but all opinions are my own.

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