Why Does the Brand of Your Appliance Matter When Getting Repairs?

All electronic devices can break down unexpectedly and the chances of something like that happening increases as the appliance gets older. This is why we tend to buy household appliances from reputed manufacturers because they usually provide good service if something goes wrong and also due to the fact that they are supposed to last better and longer. However, what about the time after the warranty period expires? Does the brand of your appliance still matter when you are calling in external service providers for the repair? As it turns out, it does indeed matter and after going through the following points, you will know why.

Brand Authorized

When a repair service gets the authorisation from the manufacturer, it means that the repair company is well equipped to handle any problem that might show up on the brand’s authorised products. For example, Service Force is the only authorised Zanussi appliance service in the United Kingdom. Their repairmen and technicians have the knowledge to handle any possible problems in washing machines, microwaves, dishwashers, ovens, freezers and other products manufactured by Zanussi, without posing risk to your property.

Availability of Parts

Technology is a continuously evolving and improving beast, and while that’s a good thing in the grand scheme of things, it can be a pain when you are trying to repair a dishwasher which you bought five years ago, but the model went out of circulation three years ago! If you are not planning to throw it away and invest into a brand-new dishwasher, then your best bet at replacing the damaged parts is to contact the manufacturer’s own repair shop or a brand authorised repair service. Even if you can’t find the necessary parts in either of the places, the brand is still important because by knowing the make and model, you might be able to find a spare part online or maybe even at your local repair shop.

There are Differences Between Brand Parts

While there are certain parts that are shared by home appliances across various brands, most people, including the technicians and repairmen, are not always aware which ones they are. Besides, it is not uncommon for manufacturers to add their own tweaks to better suit the product in question, even if the part is being shared by other brands as well. In general, most of the parts are designed and incorporated in such a way that they won’t fit in a product that has been made by another manufacturer. Even if something does fit temporarily or forcibly fit, it won’t last and will probably end up damaging the entire appliance.

Risk of Duplicate Parts

If you don’t go to a brand authorised repair service, then there’s always a chance that the local repairman will fit your appliance with something that’s cheap, duplicate, and inferior. If this really does happen then you may not even realise anything is wrong until it’s too late. If your product is still under warranty, this will immediately void that as well, leaving you in a bit of a fix.

The truth is that the brand of the household appliance which you are buying matters when you are making the purchase, but it matters even more later on. This is why you should always go for brand authorised repair services whether your product is under warranty or not. In fact, it might even be a good idea to sign up with them to extend your warranty, if you plan on keeping your device for a long time to come, that is.

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