Go-To Breakfasts That My Kids Love

We all hear that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and I wholeheartedly agree. I would much rather go without lunch or dinner, as long as I could have breakfast. It sets me up for the day and gives me the energy that I need. The same goes for my kids. I don’t think that I’d call either one of them fussy, but they can be a little ‘picky’ when it comes to certain foods. But at breakfast they seem to be like me, they’re happy to eat most things. It is just the other mealtimes that we sometimes get problems!

I like to give my kids some food that will help to keep them full and fuel them for the day. So most cereals are out of the window. They are full of refined sugar which will give them a quick boost but then leave them feeling tired. With them at school and nursery, they need to be able to concentrate so they can play and learn. I know only too well how it feels when you lack energy and a massive part of that comes from what we eat.



So one cereal that I am happy to give my kids is BEAR Alphabites. We are massive fans of coconut in this house, so the fact that the sweetness comes from coconut blossom nectar is one of the best things about it! Not only is coconut blossom nectar naturally high in calcium, but it is very low GI, meaning that is doesn’t cause the spike in your blood sugar like other sweeteners can. I like that the packaging is really fun on the box too. We have been down the cereal aisle a few times and Chloe always spots the BEAR Alphabites boxes. It makes her more likely to want that box than others, which is fine by me! They really do stand out on the shelf.



I, of course, love that my kids like to eat the cereal too. Though they can be funny little bears and eat it dry quite often. Yes, really. So it doubles up as a snacking food in our house as well. The other simple ingredients in the cereal are all natural and don’t contain things like salt or preservatives. So it really is a good breakfast choice for children (as well as adults as I quite like it too).


If you find that you have a fussy eater, then I’d recommend trying BEAR Alphabites, or some of the following that my kids enjoy:

  • Slow Cooker Porridge – I do like breakfast time but I do like it to be as quick and easy as possible. So I put my slow cooker on just before I go to bed and then we wake up to warm porridge. All you need is one up of rolled oats for every four cups of milk or water. Then just top with some maple syrup, date nectar or fresh fruit.
  • Breakfast Burrito – A really quick way to get your kids to eat breakfast (and it means you can eat on the go as it is all contained) is to make a breakfast burrito. In a wholemeal wrap, put in a slice of ham and some scrambled eggs. Add in some other food that they’ll eat like some chopped pepper or tomato. Then wrap it all up and you’ve got a kind of omelette wrap! My kids love eggs so this always works well.
  • Hidden Greens Smoothie – A quick way to get plenty of fruit and vegetables into your kids first thing in the morning is a smoothie. My two love smoothies that are berry based, such as strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. Mixed with some juice of your choice or coconut water, as well as a couple of handfuls of spinach or kale and you’re good to go. I find that berry based smoothies are so dark in colour that my kids don’t even notice the greens that have gone in there. Winning!

What are some of your children’s favourite breakfast foods?

Rebecca x*This is a paid post in collaboration with BEAR Nibbles. All opinions are my own.

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