Bright Light City…

What I loved about our recent trip to Las Vegas…

(in no particular order)

~ being with my big sis after nearly two years and feeling like we haven’t been apart

~ having cuddles for the first time with my beautiful niece

~ spending time with all of my family

~ seeing how Mike interacts with our niece and how he has changed his mind about having a family full of boys…

~ attending a session at the Las Vegas temple with the hubs, my parents, brother, in-laws and all my sisters (well, minus Meg but she’s 17 so we’ll let her off…)

~ getting a tan

~ eating far too much Cold Stone Ice Cream, Cafe Rio, Panda Express, Olive Garden & Cheesecake Factory

~ road tripping to California

~ feeling like a celeb shopping on Rodeo Drive

~ seeing the HUGE LA Temple and it’s amazing location in Beverly Hills

~ walking on Santa Monica Pier and 3rd Street Promenade

~ doing the tourist things on ‘The Strip’, ‘Walk of Fame’ and ‘The Hollywood Sign’

~ being at our neice’s blessing and having Mike be in the circle

~ having family photo’s taken (the last time we did was when I was 17…)

~ visiting Red Rock Canyon and seeing the amzing natural beauty this world has to offer

~ staying at the house Derek Hough grew up in (Cheryl Cole’s bf) and meeting his parents. Such a crack up

~ having a good exchange rate to justify any purchase 😉

~ swimming

~ sunbathing

~ hot tubbing

~ watching Tangled

~ having our Secret Santa Christmas gift exchange (in April?!)

~ playing Mr & Mrs with all of the fam (and coming second – wahoo!)

~ having an amazing family to share it all with 🙂

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