Steps to Create a #brightFuture For Our Little Ones

When I became a parent, many things changed. I know that isn’t a profound statement; it does for anyone that becomes a parent. One of the things I remember talking about with my brother, was thinking more about the world we were bringing our little ones into (his wife had a baby three weeks after I had my first child). We weren’t along, though. 83% of British Parents have reported that the birth of their first child makes them want to change some aspects of their life. One thing he pledged to do was to be more generous and do more for charity. He ended up doing a tower run up 40 odd flights of stairs shortly afterwards!


There were things around the house that we made changes too. We made sure things were sterilised to within an inch of their life. We made sure the house is clean and no small trinkets or toys on the floor. We started to eat more organic food and using essential oils and natural ways to scent our home. But there is more to cleaning the house as a way to create a bright future for our children.

For me, it is how we bring our children up. How we teach them and the values we instil in them. Nine out of ten parents agree that if everyone does small things to improve the environment we live in, “together we can make the world a better place”. As well as things being created in the environment, I think creating well rounded young people can make the world a better place too. How amazing would it be to live in a world where thinks like depression and low self-esteem are diminished?

Think of the Self-Esteem Project by Dove. That campaign has had a massive impact on improving many lives. The campaign has reached over 19 million young people all over the world, and still going. If our children grow up knowing being happier in their skin, and have a positive relationship with their appearance, then it will make everywhere a much happier place to be. As good as these initiatives are, it helps massively if these things are reinforced at home.

Here are some things that we can do to help our children develop self-confidence and self-esteem:

  • Let them help around the house – it helps our children feel valuable and competent
  • Let them make their own choices – even if it just what they are having for dinner. if gives them accountability over their choices
  • Set achievable goals – setting goals is great, but they need to be realistic. Otherwise it can knock their confidence. For example, don’t start them learning to tie their shoes if they aren’t ready. Otherwise, they will get frustrated and give up
  • Make them know your love in unconditional – if they think your love is conditional on what they do, it will affect what they do

Have you wanted to change things when your little ones were born? I’d be interested to hear what you think.


*This post is an entry for BritMums #brightFuture Challenge, sponsored by Unilever.

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